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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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South Africa
Carman Charles
Mar 1 2023

Easily one of the best forex brokers I have ever experienced. Although I believe they are more suitable for newbie traders. I am sure many people know them because of their extensive marketing everywhere. But they have a pretty decent service. Good trading cost, not too steep, and a good education program to support young traders. However, some of my professional traders do not enjoy using them. But, I could not say anything in their place. I guess it's something you have to experience yourself.

Edda Odom
Feb 18 2023

Very disappointed in this broker. Last week I was trying out their platform. Not wanting to spend money too much, I only took a small position. I manage to gain a little profit. Feeling satisfied, I decided to withdraw that tiny amount. However, within a few hours, they sent an e-mail stating that they had deemed my transaction invalid and closed the account. I was appalled. I have never in my life experienced this.

Yasmine Beasley
Jan 28 2023

First of all, I'd like to remind you that I am a very busy person. That means I get to travel a lot due to my full-time job and I rarely have time to sit and watch my laptop screen. Which is why I found XM mobile trading to be amazing. Their mobile platforms truly cater to someone like me. Excellent support team available through the app, emails, and back office team, though they some times give standard answers eventually they resolve it. Perhaps not exactly perfect, but hey, they work, right?

United States
Hipolito Harkins
Jan 8 2023

Does XM have ongoing promotions or a loyalty program? I know that a lot of people said that it's usually trash but I actually feel like I could make use of it. If yes, then I want to know where can I find any details about it. I don't actually find their websites easy to navigate tbh. I think that good loyalty programs can actually bring some sort of benefits for me.

Alfonzo Teague
Jan 8 2023

Thank you so much, XM, for the quick response regarding my withdrawal request. I have some problems when I was trying to withdraw. But at first, I really didn't think of it because I though it was because this broker takes a longer time for withdrawal. But apparently, it was a huge problem lol. I was panicking (obviously), so I quickly contacted customer support. They immediately get on my problems and fix it.

Dec 23 2022
XM's fees and spreads are low, but some products are still high. When trading EUR/USD, Europe CFDs, and S&P 500 CFDs, we can see spreads as low as 0, with the exception of the European 50 CFDs during peak trading, which is a spread of 2.6 points. However, the S&P 500 CFD only charges 0.7 pips during peak trading hours. Recommended? For me, if you trade some instruments there. And remember, you need to find good instrument that suitable for you.

Dec 23 2022

Well managed and can trade many instruments in XM. But in terms of spreads, I think I can say that XM offers average fees which for me are still a bit higher. For example, they offer 1.7 pips (EUR/USD) on the standard account and 0.8 pips on the ultra-low account. What frustrates me is that their website says the spread is 0 without saying that you have to open another account to get that spread. So you must read well about the spread's condition What I can understand is that you only need $5 to open an account at XM

United States
Dec 23 2022

In fact, the spreads they offer are competitive. If you compare it with another broker, XM can be classified as a low-spread broker. You will find it hard to find a broker like that. So, It offers 0 pips, no commissions, and no fractional pip spreads. It is in very good condition, especially for beginner traders. I recommend it for beginners if you want to find a broker with low spreads!

Dec 23 2022

Please explain the deposit bonus well as I think you did not explain the terms and conditions well. Also, I think you don't have a convenient deposit and withdrawal policy. Also, you really want to hide some terms that we don't know about. If you want your rating to go up, please explain clearly and without hiding anything before showing yourself as a good broker! I was really feel cheated by you and I think other traders feel the same way. For example, you offer attractive spreads but the spreads are never the same as you mention on the website.

Mohd. Jafar
Dec 23 2022

I feel scammed with no deposit bonus. I get bonus $50 and made profit a $400. So I began to withdraw, but after that they sent me email and I reachout to livechat. They said I just broke the rules of trading in terms of using deposit bonus. Why you dont explain it well in beginning? If you explain and EDUCATE ME AS TRADER with good EXPLANATION. I WILL NOT COMPLAINT and WASTING my time! Poor EDUCATION XM, so Poor!