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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

South Africa
Gretchen Larson
Jun 30 2022

Does Blueberry Markets offer a partnership program? If yes, then what kind of partnership program do they offer and how do I apply for it? My friend has been telling me to try a partnership program as a way to get more profits from the financial markets. I was looking for the best one and some people in the forum suggested Blueberry Markets.

Diane Butler
Jun 30 2022

I was checking Blueberry Market's official website when I suddenly stumbled upon a program called 'refer a friend. While I can understand what it means, I don't understand how it works. How do Blueberry Markets know that I have referred a friend to open a new account in this broker? Also, what kind of rewards I can get from this program? 

Jayson Beaudoin
Jun 23 2022

Do FP Markets provide a copy trading service? If yes do they allow clients to apply as a provider as well? If yes then it will be amazing. I am a trader with adequate experience in the market and I am looking for a way to get more profit besides trading. How much does FP Markets give the provider for their copy trading service?

Scotty Beckham
Account Number: (6745xxx)
Nov 18 2021

This is one of the best brokers for beginners in my opinion and not just because of their heavy promotions across social media. There are several reasons why I think new traders should try XM:

1. Good spreads, great for those who have just started venturing.

2. Customer support is very good and understanding, you can ask anything and they will reply fast.

3. Platform is very easy to navigate.

4. Educational material has really good quality! Great for those who want to learn more.

Tips: I wouldn't suggest being involved in any of their bonuses, schemes, IB, and so forth. Just plain straight trading and you will be fine. Applies to all brokers.

Robbie Hough
Account Number: (55674xxx)
Feb 19 2021

So here is my story. I have been working with ThinkMarkets as an IB through my Forex cashback/rebate service. At the time, ThinkMarkets IB commission rate and also an increased rebate after a few active clients. 1.5 years later, when we reached the required number of clients and I wanted to talk about the increased rebate and request my first withdrawal. Instead of the increased IB commission, I got an investigation and a message from their partner department that after 2 clients (and their trading accounts) ThinkMarkets was not able to pay the generated IB commission. Turns out this client was also an IB partner. I have no idea about this. I requested additional information about this case but I got only a paragraph that was not valid for this case.

Nigel Bunn
Dec 25 2020

If I want to be XM partner, usually there must be a requirement for traders to open and close orders, there is a difference between the time period and the time to get a commission. So, what are the conditions at XM brokers so I can get a commission? Thank you.