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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Account Number: (36906xxx)
Feb 20 2023

Although their commission and fees are not the cheapest, I think the value they offer is worth it

United Kingdom
Fernando Loizides
Feb 1 2023

No complaints always good service and transparent fees. Nice trading platform.

South Africa
Kgaugelo Mashilwane
Account Number: (10xxx)
Dec 14 2022

Baxia is the best broker I've ever traded with, they provide better trading conditions with low swap on trades held overnight. Baxia is best id advice everyone to switch to Baxia.

Mike Norman
Dec 5 2022

i have an amount there, in multiple coins, but most of it is BTC ,the wallets are all OFFLINE, and they respond only once, 1 month ago, any idea for help? i emailed them for 2 months. They said they have problems with servers or something like that. I use they services for years. they are simply fraud.  i got back my money with the help of professionals  your swift recovery Service dorcaster  reviewed by a lady online that also got her money . i decided to file a complaint with them also .

Account Number: (704xxx)
Nov 30 2022

This is an ECN Forex broker so i can trade with the Inter Bank markets. My Trading Experience with this Broker is more than 6 YearsI am trading for 6 years and 2 months with this broker.

Linda Robertson
Account Number: (2467895xxx)
Nov 30 2022

This investment company are 100% scam. I invested $750,500 worth bitcoin with the investment company I trusted a girl name Jessica from Hawaii she told me to start with a minimum of $300 then $500 the next. Next thing you know she said my account got suspended and needed to upgrade i sent to the company $2000 & I was thinking that my funds will be In my account within 45 minutes. I haven’t received my return, i released i have been scam by the company, but i was able to get back my fund through help of (James Flex) and his group and also the help of investigation Unity (FBI). Feel free to contact him via email, and he will render you help immediately. I was obligated to recommend him for the good service which he offer to help my issue from by broker. DONT TRUST THIS PLATFORM AT ALL.

Account Number: (46467xxx)
Jul 17 2022

So i am chosing the lot size which is  dot 1 but when i place order it says insufficnet balance

South Africa
Carole Pierce
Mar 7 2023

Well they are not a bad broker, that for sure. But Idk if they are just as good as a lot people said. I have seen people singing praises for this broker, I just can see it. They do have some aspects that I don't like. For instance, they have no referral program. No spread rebates. and that means they rob you blind thousands of pounds every month. Admiral Markets still have lots to learn which is such a shame considering they are very professional.

South Africa
Desirae Gaddy
Mar 1 2023

I finally had the opportunity of trading with Tickmill for a while. This is just my first impression, but so far, I am loving everything they have to offer. This broker is one of the most efficient, trustworthy, reliable, and friendly brokers I have ever encountered. Not just exceptional service, but they also have affordable trading cost in my opinion. But, I don't have a chance to withdraw just yet. I hope it's just as good as everything else.

Christian Perrin
Jan 13 2023

Probably one of the best trading experiences I have ever felt. But to be fair, I haven't even traded that long. I only tried one other broker besides this one. Anyhow, these are why I love TMGM:

- No hidden fees, they tell it like it is. A really rare quality these days, unfortunately.

- Smooth deposit and withdrawal. Which I totally in love with.

- No manipulating prices, I mean I hope so. Afterall I didn't notice any weird transactions here.