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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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United Kingdom
Matthew Bolton
Apr 27 2022
Good Experience with CryptoAltum

I normally don't do platform reviews, but after experiencing CryptoAltum's outstanding customer service, I felt compelled to give one. 

Basically I had recently made a short position for BTC, and the numbers didn't seem to add up at the time. So naturally I started to panic thinking that either their trading software had an error, or that they had run off with some of my money. So I sent them a message via email, and here's where it all started to go amazing. 

Not only did they reply within an hour, but they provided a clear explanation as to why my calculations were in fact incorrect, and then offered to hop on video call with me to walk me through my trades. I then took up their offer, and within 30 mins of having recieved their email, I was on a video call with one of their reps called Theo. Absolutely lovely guy, and he walked me through how my trades were executed, and lo and behold, they were correct in their assesment. But what was really nice is that they still apologised (even though they didn't have to) for my inconvenience, and asked for any feedback so they could continue to improve the platform for the benefit of us traders.

So besides the fact that CryptoAltum are by far the cheapest trading platform I've come across (and I've used them all, including ByBit, PrimeXBT etc), their customer service is second to none!

So thanks again guys. 5 stars all accross the board from me :)

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John M
Account Number: (117xxx)
Apr 21 2022
Fast Withdrawal and Low Spread

Can't fault this platform. Withdrawals are usually processed in 1 -2 hours. Spread fees are really low on BTC. 5/5

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Eddie Anand
Account Number: (112xxx)
Feb 28 2022
It is the only broker that offers so many crypto pairs with low spreads

I have several trading accounts with CryptoAltum and I have been active with them since 2020. It is the only broker that I have found offering so many crypto pairs with low spreads. It is great that I can trade crypto with a 1:500 leverage. I must say that it could be the only broker out there offering such a friendly user interface in their portal. I didn't have any problem with deposits or withdrawals. I use to deposit in XRP and USDT and they only offered the ERC20 network. They now added a new tool that lets you convert from one currency to the other. So I now deposit in BTC and I convert to USDT to avoid high ERC20 fees. Keep up the good work guys. Great service

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