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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Terrance Francis
Sep 22 2023
Bad vibes all around

I gotta withdraw my money to the same place I put it in, you know, following all those AML rules. But, guess what, Grand Capital wants me to prove that my bank card is somehow tied to crypto. Like, my bank card is just about showing where I live, nothing to do with crypto at all. This whole deal of asking for stuff that doesn't even exist just to stop me from getting my money? Total scam broker move, man.

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Ann Warren
Sep 20 2023
It's concerning me

I requested a $3,000 withdrawal from FP Markets, but it's been 20 days, and the funds haven't landed in my bank account yet. FP Markets claims the transaction went through on their end, but my bank has no record of it whatsoever. Regrettably, FP Markets hasn't been able to resolve this matter and simply keeps referring me back to my bank. My experience with them has been nothing short of frustrating and worrisome. I'd strongly recommend potential investors to approach them with caution.

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Steve Turner
Sep 17 2023

My experience with them was rather disappointing. After making a modest profit of £600, they unexpectedly closed my account. Strangely, I encountered no issues when I was incurring significant losses, but it appears they may not appreciate traders trying to recover their losses.

What baffles me is that I adhered to all their rules, and my account balance was well above the minimum requirement. It's disheartening to witness such behavior from a company that's supposed to be reputable and FCA regulated.

Their actions reminded me of a shady casino that's all too happy to have you when you're losing but promptly ushers you out the door once you start winning. I'm not letting this slide and will be pursuing my complaint further.

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Kathy Graves
Sep 16 2023
The zero account is a lie

I want to lodge a serious complaint about their professional/zero accounts – it's a total scam. Plus, once you switch, you can't go back to the standard account because the spreads are three times larger than what other brokers offer.

Unless they fix the problem of overcharging on commission and being dishonest about it, I'd strongly advise everyone to steer clear until these issues are resolved. This is a typical issue with foreign brokers; they seem to lack any ethical values. It's disheartening that they resort to dishonest practices, and it's akin to outright scamming, especially when dealing with people in call centers for their livelihoods.

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Lonnie Jensen
Sep 16 2023
Really bad for scalping

My journey with scalping the news on Pepperstone hasn't been great over the past few months. I've been encountering significant slippage issues, and despite reaching out to them about it, their response has been that it's unavoidable because their system always aims to buy at the best available price.

While it seems like everyone else is making profits from their trades, I've been consistently losing money every day. What's more frustrating is that instead of actively addressing these ongoing problems, they keep offering excuses.

I'm seriously considering switching to another trading platform as soon as I can.

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Freddie Anderson
Sep 15 2023
Problem with withdrawal

Withdrew my cash last week, but it only got moving this week. Seriously, the raw account is a tough nut to crack – can barely get a trade rolling with less than $200. I'm used to being a pro trader with another broker. Wondering if FP Markets has an upgrade option to go pro? I'm going to give the standard account a spin and see if that's any smoother.

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Margie Jimenez
Sep 12 2023
Dissapointing results

While I was actively trading with open positions, FP Markets suddenly halted trading for all my accounts. It happened on a day when I had managed to make some profits on the EURAUD and AUDUSD pairs, right after the Australian central bank announced an interest rate increase. It appears that the broker didn't take kindly to my gains and abruptly restricted my trading activities. Consequently, I find myself unable to manage my existing positions, and there is even mention of them possibly voiding my profits.

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Joel Vega
Sep 7 2023
Be carefull

Buckle up, folks, 'cause I've got a wild tale about FirewoodFX and their so-called "professional/zero accounts." Brace yourself, it's a total rollercoaster of a scammy adventure! And here's the kicker – you can't just switch back to the standard account because their spreads are like three times bigger than those other brokers out there. It's like they're playing hide-and-seek with your hard-earned cash!

But here's the real kicker – they've got this sneaky habit of overcharging on commissions and then acting all innocent about it. I mean, really, it's like they're running a game of poker and bluffing their way to the bank. So, unless they get their act together and sort out these issues, I'd say steer clear, my friends. It's a classic example of what can go wrong when you're dealing with foreign brokers. It's like they missed the memo on life values, and instead, they're living in Scamville. Call centers? Yeah, that's their jam. But let's face it, nobody wants to dance to that tune!

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Jill Nunez
Sep 1 2023
bad withdrawalJill Nunez

I am experiencing challenges when attempting to withdraw profits from my Roboforex Trading account. I made multiple withdrawal requests, but Roboforex rejected them all, citing peculiar reasons.

I used the same card details that I had initially used for depositing funds for the withdrawal. However, Roboforex is asserting that I am not the rightful owner of the cards.

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New Zealand
Joy Robinson
Aug 21 2023
I am appaled

I find myself compelled to share my experience here. I deposited $200 into my Roboforex account using cryptocurrency, and it's been over 24 hours, but my account still hasn't been credited.

Their customer service hasn't been much help either. They just keep telling me to contact the billing/payment department, but I've done that, and there's been no response for more than 24 hours. It makes me wonder why they have so many customers if they can't manage them properly.

I used one of the fastest networks for my USDT BEP20 deposit, so they can't blame anys on the blockchain.

Roboforex, if you're reading this, it's disappointing. Your customer service needs major improvement.

I'll keep you all updated on how this pans out. Let's see if they come through or if my doubts about their credibility are justified.

My advice: steer clear and safeguard your investments!

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