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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Dec 24 2022

The customer service team helped me a lot. Ok, it started with my account problem. So I found a way to change the password for my account and found a bug. But after this error, the password was reset and I entered the new password and the old password so I couldn't get into the account but it didn't work. So I contacted customer service and they gave me a password reset link and a solution to my problem. Also, I had a great chat about trading issues. They seem very patient to me. I find Pepperstone's customer service to be very good! Special thanks to Constantinos and the team!!

Dec 24 2022

I have been using this broker platform for 6 years. Pepperstone is still the best compared to other brokers. I was able to support my parents and survived during Covid. I traded there without any problems. Order execution is very fast, but sometimes there are, but not always. Slippage happens sometimes, but not always. I would like to say that Pepperstone is a really great broker. I traded with the correct knowledge and trading strategy and did not find any problems. A reliable broker and depositing and withdrawing money there is always easy. thank you very much!

Dec 24 2022

I've been scalping Pepperstone for a few months and have had a terrible experience so far. I am having trouble executing orders as the  server response is very slow and my strategy target price to entering the market is useless. And because of that, dont expect to gain profit with that order execution condition. So, I wrote to them and you know they said a system error! I am thinking of only me trade with loss because of system bugs, and yet they don't do anything about it. So instead of complaining all the time, I think I will switch to another platform as soon as possible.

Sebastian Joe
Dec 24 2022

Order execution on Pepperstone is very slow and I'm thinking about broker's manipulation and stop loss hunter! They are book B brokers and I feel like they were trading against a client! Whenever I order a position it is always and suddenly the chart is reversed! Even when opening a position it always needs to load even though there is no problem with the internet at all! What is happening on the server at Pepperstone?

Dec 24 2022

I have been using the Pepperstone demo account for three months and am very happy to have the opportunity to trade live. However, I found a problem that I can't solve. Whenever I upload a document to its website, I always get an error. So I contacted customer service and to my surprise, they responded very quickly and resolved the issue immediately! They also explained why the document upload was failing. I am really amazed! Pepperstone's customer service is really great! Really great choice to trade with!

Johana Ellington
Nov 30 2022

I think this broker has one of the worst deposit systems ever. Of all my time trading here (which is around 6 months), there was never a time where there isn't a problem with my deposit. My money won't show up in my trading account and I have to contact customer service to take care of it. Every time! without fail! They will also ask for proof that I actually was making a deposit. I feel like this should be in the system. They have ZERO daily cash sweeping process in place, if you don't call in to claim your deposit, the burden is on YOU, the customer to prove that you made a deposit. Other than that, this broker is actually pretty okay.

Tova Eagle
Nov 27 2022

So, I am a new trader and I just started joining Pepperstone a while ago. Well, about 2 months to be exact. During these 2 months, I just realized that I have accidentally applied to the wrong trading account which resulted in all my trading doesn't go as much as I had planned. I wonder if there is any chance of me switching to a different trading account type. If it's possible, who am I supposed to contact? Is it possible to do it through customer service support?

Ashanti Loper
Nov 6 2022

I still find it amazing how Pepperstone customer service provides help for their clients day after day. Their quality still hasn't changed even after years of trading with them. However, I wouldn't say that this broker is perfect. I have to be honest and understand that there are some hiccups here and there. I would say that in today's age their trading account user interface feels super outdated and I would really appreciate it if Pepperstone created a new user interface. It doesn't have to be complicated or fancy. Just so it won't feel outdated and is more user-friendly.

South Africa
Elvie Michael
Jun 30 2022

At first, I was tempted of applying to this broker due to the positive review they get on so many review websites. But, soon I feel very disappointed in a lot of aspects of this broker. The first thing is their support agents were so aggressive when they responded, and the second thing is they took more than mentioned time to respond to verification and my verification is still pending so how can I believe this broker based on the reviews? Now, I might be having a different experience than any other trader on their websites. But this is still pretty fishy on how they asked me to rate them after every conversation.

May 12 2022

There's some minority problem with the candlestick. It's different with other broker, too much differences.