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Nov 19 2022

بعد اشتراكى فى حساب (level up) وتدول 20 يوم فتحت فيهم 500 عملية بمقدار 0.01 لكل صفقة وكانت هذة شروط البونص حصلت على ملغ 382 دولار من اصل 140 ووصلتنى رسال تهنئة من الشركة لاتمام كل شروط البونص والان تم رفض الحساب ودون ابداء اسباب مرفق الصور

Lee Cheung Wan
Nov 9 2022

So laggy in withdrawing cash. We can deposit so speedy however whilst comes to withdrawing it's by far very slow. I await three days and my cash didn't arrive in my bank account! After five days, I decide to terrorize its customer service. After that, my money was transferred, withdrawing is completed. I give you 1 star because that is 1 star from your customer service. If your CS did not have a good response, I probably will give you zero stars!

Nov 9 2022

I found a demo account and a real account at FBS NO DIFFERENCE, I experienced it myself. All good and easy to use. I can also use the FBS app on my mobile phone so I can trade anywhere whenever I'm out, on vacation, or even while in college. Withdrawals have no problem so far and no fees acquired, they offer low spreads, it's a good deal for me, their choice of leverage is up to 1:3000, can deposit easily, Free Swap, and whenever slippage happens if we put SL and TP it closes automatically without the worry of slippage. this FBS guy is actually good at dealing with slippage! 

Nov 9 2022

FBS withdrawal is the quickest and simplest to do! Within 1 day my money arrived safely in my bank account, but once in a while, it took four days to get transferred. If you need to withdraw speedily, simply keep away from Saturday and Sunday. My suggestion is to withdraw it on an operating day from Monday to Thursday. Friday? Sometimes fast but once in a while sluggish at withdrawing. Thank you, FBS!

Charlotte Law
Nov 9 2022

As far as FBS has to offer so many good features. Fast deposit, fast withdrawal, multiple accounts you can choose from micro into pro, it has a demo account and can deposit as little as $1. It is very user-friendly for an amateur like me. What makes me a little bit disappointed is for once the market is very volatile and my current stop loss is not working well. It gets 100 pips different from the initial stop loss. So I tried to contact customer service and luckily they responded very well and explained the current situation and its risk in an inevitable volatile market. Yeah, that was slippage and actually, I rarely have experience slippage with FBS so I don't know if it can happen. I hope FBS can educate or inform novice traders like me whenever they open new accounts that slippage can happen in the market.

Aaron Smalling
Nov 9 2022

In fact, FBS is excellent in every way. What traders fear most after not being able to withdraw their money is slippage. For me, slippage is very common in forex and FBS really offers me the solution. Whenever it happens, it automatically closes at the nearest TP or SL that I have set. Not too far yet not too close. But it is ok, it is happen in every broker and I am fine with it. Also, this slippage event is very normal.

Nov 9 2022

My profit withdrawals have been rejected several times and your reason is that I can't use my previous bank account because it has "expired". I don't understand what they mean about "expired" so I go to live chat. FBS Customer Service keeps asking me to withdraw with another bank account yet it is still rejected. I have emailed service support but I receive the same response. And last time, thankfully my money was being transferred. it is so hard to withdraw and so headache for me. FBS just likes to complicate things.

Nov 9 2022

Slippage's experience with FBS? NOT a good deal for me. Whenever I try to set a buy or sell limit, it doesn't work very well. Prices just go up and down. And suddenly my open hit more than 20 pips, far from my original entry. I was just wondering how FBS came up with the best solution to fix this problem. For others, I think FBS has a great feature to help me trade. Except when it is a slippage period. Stars? I give FBS 4 since I just have a problem with the slippage solution that FBS gave to me.

Nov 9 2022

FBS is one of the brokers that offer excellent service when it comes to withdrawing money. It's fast, secure, and has a lot of options you need. You can also check your deposit and withdrawal transactions on your PC or mobile. If the broker does not complicate your withdrawal process, it means that the broker is very trustworthy and FBS is one of them. My suggestion is that in the future will be able to withdraw money from FBS to PayPal.

Nov 9 2022

Very trusted broker. Many withdrawal options even I can transfer my money to my favored local bank. The time that they take to transfer my money just only15-20 mins on occasion even faster. It makes me not worry about trading in FBS. Additionally, I can withdraw whenever 24 hours in 7 days effortlessly on my phone. By the way, your money can be transferred into Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash too which I haven't tried to do it yet.