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FFayeq Alqasem May 11 2022
Hi, Please advise how to open live account?


Please advise how to open live account?

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FFrancis Park Jun 22 2023
Really helpful

Been trading with Admirals for a while now and honestly, no issues at all with this broker. It definitely deserves a solid 5-Stars from me. So here's the tea: I had a bit of a rough patch when the EUR-USD spiked, and my account went into a negative balance.

But guess what? I reached out to Admirals via email, asked them to reset my account balance to zero, and they actually did it! Like, for real! Fast forward two days, and boom, my account was credited with the FULL amount I lost because of that spike. Can we take a moment to appreciate a reliable and honest broker? Admirals, you're the real MVP!

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NNoah Morrison Jun 19 2023
Doin it right

Yo, I got deposits at 4 brokers, and I gotta say, Admirals is one of 'em. I did my research, man. Here are the dope things I noticed:

  • Their spreads are hella tight, especially on my ECN account.
  • Execution is speedy as hell, no time wasted.
  • They give you options, bro. You can choose from different jurisdictions. This is clutch, especially after those Eurocommission dudes started messing with my money and lowering the leverage for us retail traders. Like, thanks for the "care," but I can handle my shiz without their extra fuss.
  • Transferring funds between those jurisdictions is a breeze, no hassle.
  • Deposits and withdrawals? Smooth as butter, man. They got solid conditions for that.
  • Oh, and the cherry on top? They hook you up with a powerful VPS, and it's free, yo!
  • And let's not forget about the support. They're quick to respond and actually helpful. No time wasted, just straight-up assistance.

Admirals, you're doing it right, keep it up!

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OOtis Mcdaniel Jun 12 2023
Solid broker, burt

Admiral is a solid broker, but there are a couple of downsides worth mentioning:

  • They don't offer copytrading, which can be a bummer for those interested in following and copying successful traders.
  • Another drawback is the absence of cent accounts. These accounts can be super helpful, especially when your deposit is less than $5000, as they allow for smaller position sizes and better risk management.
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DDot Cisneros May 23 2023
Good but withdrawal fee is high

Everything is fine, but I am not happy with the withdrawal fees. They impose additional charges for withdrawals, and while the first withdrawal is free, the subsequent withdrawal fees are quite high. Additionally, there is a significant price difference between the deposit and withdrawal rates.

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DDayna Crow May 22 2023
Data Breach.

I think there is a potential data leak. Last night, I received a fraudulent call informing me about the closure of this company due to financial misconduct, and the caller claimed they wanted to refund my deposit with this broker.

However, the fact is that I did not have any remaining deposits in my account worried me a lot. Worse, the scammer possesses my complete name, email address, and phone number.

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CCandra Lacey May 22 2023
Good but there are drawbacks

Regarding Admiral Markets, I think it is widely recognized as a reputable broker with a range of impressive features. However, it is important to acknowledge a couple of drawbacks that I found.

Firstly, copy trading is unavailable, so I cannot take advantage of replicating other successful trades from other experienced traders.

Secondly, Admiral Markets does not offer cent accounts, which can be particularly advantageous for individuals with deposits below $5000.

Such a shame because I think that Cent accounts allow traders greater flexibility and risk management options when dealing with smaller investment amounts.

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TTimothy Rose May 18 2023
Amazing and responsible

I have been actively trading with Admirals for a considerable period, and I am pleased to share that I have never encountered any issues with this broker. In my opinion, Admirals deserves a well-deserved 5-star rating. Recently, I experienced a negative balance on my trading account due to a spike in the EUR-USD pair.

I decided to email Admirals, requesting a reset of my account balance to zero. To my surprise and satisfaction, they promptly fulfilled my request. Within two days, my account balance was credited with the entire amount I had lost due to that spike.

This incident reinforced my belief that Admirals is a reliable and honest broker. I thank Admirals for their excellent service and encourage them to continue their commendable work without any change. As long as they maintain this level of service, I will remain a loyal customer of Admirals indefinitely.

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DDaryl Glover May 16 2023

Without any prior notice, this broker unexpectedly shut down my account, leaving me perplexed. When I attempted to reach out to their support team, I encountered frustratingly slow response times. Finally, when I managed to communicate with them, they stated that my account closure was carried out in accordance with the fifth clause of the client agreement. To my dismay, upon reviewing this clause, I discovered it pertained to financing terrorism. It is deeply disheartening that my account was closed on such grounds, as it reflects negatively on the broker's actions.

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RRanae Song May 9 2023
Intuitive platform

I have been working with Admiral Markets since last summer, and I must say that I am highly satisfied with their services. Both the web version and mobile app provided by Admiral are user-friendly, comfortable to use, and intuitively understandable. Additionally, I have frequently utilized their strong technical support, which has consistently been helpful and reliable. Based on my experience, I can confidently recommend Admiral Markets without hesitation.

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