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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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South Africa
Carole Pierce
Mar 7 2023

Well they are not a bad broker, that for sure. But Idk if they are just as good as a lot people said. I have seen people singing praises for this broker, I just can see it. They do have some aspects that I don't like. For instance, they have no referral program. No spread rebates. and that means they rob you blind thousands of pounds every month. Admiral Markets still have lots to learn which is such a shame considering they are very professional.

Marianne Lewis
Mar 7 2023

One of the best experiences, easily my top 5 broker. There are a lot of possibilities to gain from these brokers. Amazing spread, for example. BUt, if you are a new trader, no worries; they have an adequate educational program as well. Not one of the best in my opinion, but still considerably good. I would honestly recommend it, I honestly have doubts at the beginning, but once I found out that they are perfectly regulated, I was content.

Herman Singleton
Feb 27 2023

Dear Admiral Markets, I would appreciate it if you guys stopped with the spam email. You guys have top-notch quality but the marketing has been really aggressive toward me. I don't like the fact that they were calling me every now and then, trying to convince me to work with a manager. Like...I get it? But okay, let me make my own choice.

Roberta Murray
Feb 21 2023

I believe I have been trading with this broker for about ten years. During those times, they have never disappointed me. The verification process is super smooth. But I was a new trader, so I had many questions about customer support. I am impressed with the way they help me. They are very calm and helpful.

Kenny Brock
Feb 18 2023

I love how simple and laid-back their interface is. There is something that I believe can be improved,d however, such as an increased differentiation between demo and live accounts. Luckily this doesn't affect the trading process. I have no complaints about the trading process. Everything is good.

Santos Henderson
Feb 13 2023

This broker has a good service, I'll give you that much. So far, I have been experiencing excellent service. However, there is one thing that truly annoyed me. The minute I signed up with Admiral Markets, I started receiving a lot of spam emails. As far as I am concerned, this is not an email to which I have subscribed. I did not consent to this. I feel very violated.

Leon Quinn
Jan 27 2023

Thank you so much for the Admiral Market customer service team! Too bad I forgot their name. But I was having a problem while opening a demo account. I keep asking for help, and they are really nice to guide me step by step. I am very grateful to them. As for the demo account it self, it's actually pretty good for a beginner like me.

Boyd Ruiz
Jan 22 2023

I don't think they have the tightest spread in the world, but it's not bad at all. In fact, I think it's realistic. Every order is executed quickly and there is no problem with the withdrawal and deposit. But there are some things that I think they could improve. It's connected to the fact that they are not supporting Tradingview, not offering to trade instruments with real trading volumes directly from Exchanges like CME or EUREX.

United States
Boy Arsenio
Dec 25 2022

Thank you admiral for the high execution speed experience, Sanya was surprised and saluted. From experience using EA scalping for 8 years, only this broker has the best execution and has not experienced serious problems. When I was confused about understanding the market, this broker provided high-quality education and webinars that made me quickly understand the market conditions and what I was dealing with at that time. they are licensed. Deposits and withdrawals happen quickly too, that's all I need, at this broker, I just have to complete all the paperwork when they ask for it.

Aaron Ryan
Dec 25 2022

Why is it so hard to stop loss orders, I experienced trading losses because of this. Such features should be upgraded at this broker. During my time as a trader, this is the first time I have had trouble dealing with losses, just because the broker's features are not sophisticated enough. And yes why is the withdrawal taking so long, what's wrong here? I asked by calling but there hasn't been a satisfactory response. I just want certainty, so I'm not too worried and calmer in dealing with situations like this. If only there was a solution and a good response from the admiral.