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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Jun 2 2023

No slippage is false advertising. I use Nordfx and slippage is the reason I want to leave it


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Eugen M.
Apr 9 2023

I respect their transparency policy. They clearly stated that you might run into some slippage if you are running Expert Advisors. I have tried it and it was way better than I expected it to be.

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Tommie Harris
Sep 20 2023

I have been working with this broker for the past year, and I must say, the broker's spreads are incredibly low, and slippage is very rare and minimal. I have worked with many brokers, but my experience with this broker has been excellent. From depositing funds to making withdrawals, I haven't encountered any issues.

In particular, the spreads on the raw account are exceptionally low, almost less than a pip for every major currency pair. Withdrawals are processed without problem.

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Lonnie Jensen
Sep 16 2023

My journey with scalping the news on Pepperstone hasn't been great over the past few months. I've been encountering significant slippage issues, and despite reaching out to them about it, their response has been that it's unavoidable because their system always aims to buy at the best available price.

While it seems like everyone else is making profits from their trades, I've been consistently losing money every day. What's more frustrating is that instead of actively addressing these ongoing problems, they keep offering excuses.

I'm seriously considering switching to another trading platform as soon as I can.

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South Africa
Patricia Day
Sep 8 2023

Pepperstone doesn't mess around when it comes to technology. They've got all the fancy stuff, making sure your trades happen lightning-fast with hardly any slippage. And they've got their servers in Equinix data centers, so you can count on getting into global markets without a hitch.

When it comes to things to trade, Pepperstone's got you covered. They've got a massive menu of financial instruments, from forex to commodities and indices. It's like having a buffet of options to explore different markets. Trading has never been this versatile!

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Julius Ellis
Jun 7 2023

I want to share my experience scalping the news on Pepperstone over the past few months, and unfortunately, it has been quite disappointing. One of the major issues I've encountered is slippage. Despite reaching out to their support team for assistance, I was informed that slippage is unavoidable as their system aims to execute trades at the best available price.

This consistent slippage has resulted in frequent losses for me while others seem to profit from their trades. It's disheartening that Pepperstone hasn't made any genuine attempts to address and resolve these ongoing issues. Instead, they have provided excuses, which is not the level of service I expected.

Due to these persistent problems and the lack of satisfactory solutions, I have made the decision to switch to another trading platform as soon as possible. It's essential to have a reliable and transparent trading environment, especially when engaging in scalping strategies.

I hope to find a platform that better meets my expectations and provides a smoother trading experience without the ongoing slippage issues I encountered on Pepperstone.

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Raylene Rowell
Apr 25 2023

Instances of slippage are infrequent with this company. Occasional servers can occur, but this is a common occurrence across various brokerage firms. However, the company's IT team promptly addresses and resolves any reported technical issues. In the event of a poor fill, the refund process is expedited, ensuring a swift resolution. Additionally, the customer support team is highly responsive, providing fast and efficient assistance.

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Mary Graham
Feb 28 2023

Not bad service, but the slippage can be really bad and this might be a deal breaker for me. Even with Zero or Raw Spread, commissions combined with slippage increase the overall costs. It is really not good for new traders.

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Clara Maura
Dec 25 2022

I really really like the volatility protection, I am a crypto trading enthusiast who has quite high volatility and prices that move quite fast. Sometimes I worry about the volatility in crypto, but I'm happy when I know that Admiral has volatility protection. This feature is very good in my opinion. With the unpredictable volatility in crypto, I feel safe with this protection with stop-loss orders or limiting price slippage in the market. admiral with this unique feature helps me as a trader who is easily worried about volatility in trading instruments. Well, even though the cryptocurrency at this broker is quite limited for me who likes crypto trading.

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Dec 24 2022

I have been using this broker platform for 6 years. Pepperstone is still the best compared to other brokers. I was able to support my parents and survived during Covid. I traded there without any problems. Order execution is very fast, but sometimes there are, but not always. Slippage happens sometimes, but not always. I would like to say that Pepperstone is a really great broker. I traded with the correct knowledge and trading strategy and did not find any problems. A reliable broker and depositing and withdrawing money there is always easy. thank you very much!

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