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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Feb 21 2023

i have been using Fxview's ActTrader for a while now, and I have to say, I am impressed. Before this, I was using Metatrader as my trading platform, but since switching to ActTrader, I have found that it is a much better fit for me. One of the biggest reasons for this is the greater chart customization options. I find that I am able to better analyze the market and find good entry points because of the level of customization available

Robin Lund
Dec 25 2022

I think the word stability might be a keyword explaining the situation for me here. The broker does not have utterly innovative and modern features, but it gets done what it needs to get done, I mean my orders and trades, leaving me no room for complaining, so it is sufficient for me now.

South Africa
Otis Floyd
Feb 14 2023

Overall a good broker. I would like to recommend them for trading. Especially because their app is also good and supports TradingView charts as well along with other options. However, there are a few things to note about this broker. First of all, their live support needed to be improved. I think too complicated to reach to live assistant, this might be a problem for new traders. Especially because they are the one who tend to use this feature. Also response time of emails needed to be reduced too.

South Africa
Dec 26 2022

This has been my favorite broker since 2020, when I started my trading career, win or lose, I trade with Exness full-time. I hope this broker lasts another 20 years to come. One of the reasons that kept me with this broker is its trading center feature which helps me analyze the market with Trading Central's technical analysis strategies, forecasts, comments, and key levels. The account in this broker makes me comfortable because there are 9 choices of accounts that I can use in trading. And yes, every account provides free swap, that's the most important. And commission free on some accounts.

Dec 2 2022

Exness offers 24/7 instant automated withdrawals for multiple payment methods including crypto, instant deposits, 24/7 live support, spreads and commissions, competitive pricing, is reliable and accurate, regulated in many jurisdictions, constitutes a large volume of transactions, and publishes audited financial statements also stated on their website. The transparency of Exness is good also they have many trading tools that can support your trading such as Dow Jones lines, FX news, Trading Signal, Economic Calendar, and many more. But my only current recommendation is to add more indicators like JSE Top 40, Nifty 50, and tradeable exotic currency pairs. All about a 10/10 experience. I think this is the broker you are looking for for beginner to advanced CFD traders. Keep up the good Exness and keep improving and expanding your services. Glory.

Charlie Stuart
Dec 2 2022

I have been using exness since June of this year and have had no problems. So are their deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and MT5 terminal. They have good trading signals but even though sometimes their trading signals give wrong signals. everything is fine so far. They are constantly improving their trading tools such as the trading signals work better and better but again I have to say that sometimes it gives false signals. The only problem I have is connection interruptions. I have checked my internet connection but there is no problem with my internet. I think Exness needs to improve its servers. It's not one of those marketing tricks. personal experience. I recommend this platform

Dec 2 2022

All I can say is that if you deposit $5, they charge slightly higher fees than other brokers, but if you deposit $500, you can get 0 spreads with 6-7$ fees. I think it's good because the lower the account types you have, the more fees you pay. My favorite indicator in Exness is a multilingual plugin that allows you to insert analysis strategies, comments, measurements, and trading central (support/resistance/target/stop pivots) for MT4. It also has a free VPS with a $500 deposit, with great speeds and low latency to support your transactions. But remember VPS can be enjoyed if you deposit $500. Of course, I wouldn't say I like Exness' education menu. The education in there only basic forex can be accessed on another website that more complete and advanced educational forex websites. Overall, I gave it 3 stars because only the trading tools are good. Others from Exness are standard for me so far. it's good but not so good

Dion Chin
Dec 2 2022

Exness has good trading signals with Trading Central! The trading signals are almost always correct, so Trading Central helps me a lot when I first time trading at Exness! And can be a good lesson in trading forex. I also like the latest economic calendar and Exness always posts the latest significant financial announcements over the course of days, months, and even years. So you know when and how to enter or avoid volatile markets. I was also impressed with the mobile app Exness because it has FX Street News. In fact, I don't like trading on my phone, but if I want access to Forex news, I do so on my phone, which is convenient and always accessible. Exness news is always up to date too.

Dec 2 2022

The information provided by Exness was somewhat useless. Sometimes the news about Exness is SLOW and my trading strategy that uses news gets a little messy. I think you must release the news faster, when you offer a trading tool like a news tab you have to once again I said, post news immediately to avoid entering trades late which doesn't give me any more advantage though you have Dow Jones News, the world's leading news provider, thus included in the platform's streaming line. But if you post late, it's not good for me! Otherwise, all transactions on Exness, SPECIAL, withdrawals, and deposits are good and without any problem at all!

Dec 2 2022

I have been using Exness for some time. I think the strength of Exness is its trading tools In short, almost any trading style is allowed in Exness with some great trading tools. I like their High-quality VPS hosting so it would not be if you trade in here, also they have an economic calendar and price history, and for me, the most important is the news that affects the forex market to complete my fundamental analysis and much more tools are provided for technical analysis. All these tools are beneficial in forex trading, and very supportive of my forex strategy. I would definitely give 5 stars for the advanced trading tools provided by Exness