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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Arletha Carver
Sep 5 2022

I just checked on the Blueberry Market's official website and I notice that they have plenty of instruments to trade with. In addition to that, they also provide a demo account for us to try. Now, I wonder if the demo account actually allows me to trade cryptocurrency there as well. Because I want to backtest a strategy and I don't want to waste my real money.

Celeste Erwin
Sep 5 2022

Polite, quick, and helpful. I guess that three words sum up Blueberry Market's customer service pretty nicely IMHO. They're not perfect and I have been experiencing some problems here and there but that is okay as long as the support team is always prepared to help me. Other than that I feel like the slippage can be a bit harsh so be prepared. Well, nothing is perfect afterall.

United States
Drusilla Bussey
Sep 5 2022

Hi, I am a new trader here and I have a lot of confusion about using MetaTrader. I wonder if Blueberry Markets offers tutorials on how to use this software. Not just the regular tutorial for knowing what button to do what, but also how do I start trading and what kind of features are useful for certain steps. I do hope Blueberry Market has classes of video tutorials on this.

Carli Bautista
Sep 5 2022

This is my review on Blueberry Markets, no cap; great spread! quick deposit! so overall really good for anyone who wants to start trading. However, there is a 'but'. The withdrawal process can be slow but not difficult. It just means that you won't be able to get your money as soon as you expected it. This is something that I learn the hard way. Because of this, I can't really give a full-star review for Blueberry Markets.

Stephaine Upton
Sep 5 2022

The Blueberry Market has plenty of trading accounts to choose from, among them I saw one that is called Premium Trading. I wonder if this is also a type of trading account. If yes, then what sets it apart from other trading accounts in this broker? Will there be any premium features that I can enjoy here? How do I apply to one?

Shirley Bowers
Jun 30 2022

A lot of people said that Blueberry Market has a good spread that doesn't float too much during volatile sessions. I was thinking of trading cryptocurrency with this broker, but there are some things I should know first. For starters, how much is the spread for cryptocurrency trading in Blueberry Markets? Second of all, how much leverage can I get to trader cryptocurrency here?

South Africa
Gretchen Larson
Jun 30 2022

Does Blueberry Markets offer a partnership program? If yes, then what kind of partnership program do they offer and how do I apply for it? My friend has been telling me to try a partnership program as a way to get more profits from the financial markets. I was looking for the best one and some people in the forum suggested Blueberry Markets.

Brad Ward
Jun 30 2022

From the very first impression: The account verifications are honestly horrible! I already submitted the data requirement and it still didn't go through. This has never happened to me before.

Second: Since I keep having problems, naturally I contacted customer service. But I didn't get a good answer, let alone the help I needed.

I checked on the TrustPilot website and a few people are having similar problems and that is just a few first pages.

Violet Fernandez
Jun 30 2022

What are the differences between Blueberry Standard Account and with Blueberry Direct Account? I understand the spreads are different, but I wonder what kind of features they both have that make them different from one another. Another question, do they have different minimum deposits? How about the minimum lot, are there any different between both of them?

Diane Butler
Jun 30 2022

I was checking Blueberry Market's official website when I suddenly stumbled upon a program called 'refer a friend. While I can understand what it means, I don't understand how it works. How do Blueberry Markets know that I have referred a friend to open a new account in this broker? Also, what kind of rewards I can get from this program?