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RRoxanne Bates Oct 13 2023
Great feature!!

Back in 2020, I gave trading with FINQ a shot. Can't blame them; my losses were on me. We've got to take responsibility for our choices, or there's no room for improvement. Passing the buck won't cut it. They were pretty great when it came to crediting bonuses and processing withdrawals, though.

Seeing a lot of disheartening comments out there, which is why I'm sharing my thoughts. I've been out of the trading loop and haven't been in touch with them since 2021. Let's be real; in an industry where prices swing wildly, it's crucial to own up to our losses and learn from our decisions if we want to get better.

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United States
MMichael Flowers Oct 9 2023
Great experience

Around 18 months ago, I ventured into the world of trading as a newcomer. That's when I decided to give Finq a shot, hoping to learn the ropes of trading. To my delight, the advisors at Finq proved to be extremely helpful. They readily offered guidance and shared valuable trading ideas. Their efficiency and support covered a wide range of matters, from teaching me the basics of trading to helping me become a proficient trader.

Moreover, their trading platform is loaded with a wealth of data and analytics, making it easy to navigate and comprehend. If you're considering your options, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Finq a try – you'll witness their commitment to excellence firsthand.

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South Africa
JJustin Carr Sep 23 2023
I'm a big fan

A fantastic trading platform and a highly professional broker. Before the pandemic (COVID-19), I attended a banking seminar where I learned about Lead Capital Corp. I even had the opportunity to visit their head office on the 1st floor of Strovolos Avenue in Cyprus. My trading journey began in March 2020, and being a big fan of oil trading, I managed to make a decent return on my capital when oil prices dipped. What's great is that transactions via Skrill are incredibly smooth, with funds hitting the wallet within 24-48 hours. I'm trading alongside a friend, and we're operating the account with a total of 250k USD. This broker is truly trustworthy, and if needed, I'd be more than happy to share my trading account statement.

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PPedro Jones Jul 8 2023
Game changer!

This platform is an absolute game-changer for my Forex trading. The trading interface is a real winner – it's user-friendly and lightning-fast. The cherry on top? The transaction fees are super low, and deposits and withdrawals happen at warp speed. And the customer support? They're like your friendly neighborhood superheroes. It's the ultimate solution for trading, and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

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JJames Rodgers Jun 28 2023
Amazing, quick withdrawal

Withdrawing funds is a breeze – top-notch! They process trade requests like champs, and their customer service? Honestly, it's the cream of the crop. The only hiccup I've encountered was some minor slippage once during my trading journey, but it was just a one-time thing out of more than 400 trades

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DDarrel Mccoy Jun 11 2023
Amazing customer support

Their customer support squad is top-notch! They respond quickly and solve problems efficiently. Overall, Finpros is a legitimate choice for Forex trading.

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DDesiree Santiago May 20 2023
Vibing hard with this broker

So, I just jumped into the Forex trading game with Finpros several months ago, and I gotta say, I'm seriously vibing with their service. Their trading platform is super user-friendly, and I can easily access all the deets I need to make smart moves. Plus, their withdrawal and deposit process? Lightning fast, fam! Getting my hands on my funds is a breeze

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RRhonda James May 18 2023
One of the best trading platform stands out as the ultimate platform for making a profit through Forex trading. As a dedicated Forex trader, I opted for this service to carry out my trading activities, and I can attest that it has proven to be a lucrative choice. Thanks to this exceptional platform, I've successfully generated a substantial income through Forex trading.

One of the standout features is their swift and secure withdrawal process, which offers peace of mind. Furthermore, their customer service team consistently demonstrates readiness to assist traders, making the experience exceptionally gratifying. Without a doubt, I am thoroughly content with this service and hold a deep appreciation for the quality of service they provide.

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JJody Carpenter Dec 18 2022
Great for all kinds of traders

The platform offers flexibility with both MT4 and MT5 options. These platforms are highly user-friendly and equipped with advanced charting tools, making them ideal for traders. Notably, they support one-click trading, streamlining the process.

MT5, in particular, comes with a broader set of trading features. It features an inbuilt strategy tester, an array of pending orders, hedging options, and improved order execution. After a few weeks of using MT4, I switched to MT5 for its enhanced capabilities.

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SShelley Lynch Dec 15 2022
Great choice for crypto

As someone who predominantly trades BTC and ETH, this broker is an excellent fit for me. The trading costs are significantly lower than my previous broker, which is a big plus. Another notable advantage is the absence of hidden or additional fees.

When it comes to crypto spreads, they are variable rather than fixed. For BTC, spreads typically range from 10-20 pips, and they might go higher during periods of extreme volatility. However, this phenomenon seems consistent across most brokers. On the other hand, ETH offers much more favorable spreads, typically ranging from 3-5 pips, which is excellent for ETH trading.

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