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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Edgar Garrett
Oct 20 2023
Very good, but slippage can be better

I am not sure if they use market execution or instant execution, but so far I have no problems with their order executions, Until today, most of my trades has always been executed instantly. Slippage still happened but it's not that bad.

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Irving Barnes
Oct 20 2023
Best low spread broker

This is officialy one of the best low spread broker that I have ever tried. While the spread is really what invite me to this broker, there are other reasons why I stay for more than 3 years. Good customer service, Fast deposit and withdrawal is some of them. Not to mentions, they also offers various features. But, their PAMM and Forex Copy feature could be improved

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United States
Michael Gray
Oct 19 2023
Everything is top notch

Execution is consistently excellent, and the flexible spread is clearly highlighted. This broker, suitable for both novices and seasoned traders, offers leverage of 1:1000, tight spreads, and a variety of features that ensure a comfortable and profitable trading experience, regardless of the time of day.

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Tony Ferguson
Oct 16 2023
Instant execution!

They provide instant execution, and even when I trade using scalping methods (closing positions with just 1 point of profit), the broker still pays me rebates. Additionally, their deposit and withdrawal process is swift and hassle-free, especially when using local exchangers, which offer competitive rates for both depositing and withdrawing funds.

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Arthur Fletcher
Oct 11 2023
Great fixed rate!

I'm delighted to share my review of FirewoodFX and its impressive trading facilities. The registration process is refreshingly straightforward, with no mandatory document uploads, unless you're aiming to claim promotional bonuses. This user-friendly approach is particularly beneficial for traders, as it expedites deposit and withdrawal procedures through local exchangers.

FirewoodFX deserves special recognition for its commitment to traders, exemplified by the fixed exchange rate of Rp 10,000, a unique offering tailored to the needs of the local clientele. This fixed rate ensures that traders are no longer disadvantaged by the spread difference between selling and buying rates when handling their deposits and withdrawals

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Manuel Love
Oct 9 2023
They are great but can improve

FirewoodFX is kind of a big deal in my country because you can easily find their IBs (Introducing Brokers). Looking at it from a trader's perspective, their trading conditions are pretty solid. I've never had to deal with any annoying requotes or connection issues with this broker.

But here's the downer – when it comes to news events, their spreads tend to be wider than what they advertise.

I've been trading with them for about 6 months, and I can't say I've had any major issues. However, I do believe they've got some room for improvement, especially in the withdrawal department. For me, it takes longer compared to most other brokers.

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Alma Blake
Oct 4 2023
They earn my trust

After meticulously assessing my trading performance over six weeks, I was thrilled to find that I had successfully withdrawn nearly 115% of my initial equity. What sets Firewood apart from other brokers is its remarkable flexibility.

They never once raised concerns about my unique trading style, which is a stark contrast to many other brokers I've encountered. The execution quality remains consistently exceptional, and the withdrawal process is invariably smooth. My experience with Firewood has been nothing short of outstanding, and I can confidently say that they've truly earned my trust and loyalty in the world of forex trading.

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Olga Bates
Sep 19 2023
I have proven their quality myself!

A few years back, I had some reservations about FirewoodFX because they were relatively new in the forex brokerage scene. It's only natural to be cautious when you're dealing with your hard-earned money, right? So, I decided to put them to the test.

I made a deposit of $2500 and, well, tried my luck in the market. Fortunately, I managed to secure some modest profits. But here's the part that really surprised me: when I decided to withdraw my earnings, the process went down remarkably fast. That's when my trust in FirewoodFX started to grow

Their credibility and honesty became evident as they promptly honored my withdrawal request. It was a turning point that solidified my confidence in this broker. Since then, I've continued my trading journey with FirewoodFX, and I haven't looked back.

They've proven themselves to be a reliable and trustworthy platform that values their clients' trust and satisfaction.

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Martha Farmer
Jul 3 2023
Love the MT4

Their MT4 has been a great adition to my overall trading experience. I love how simple it is and how easy it is for me to understand. For some background, I am not a beginner but I'm not a expert either. Yet, I still find it appalling that some brokers give us a complicated trading platforms.

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Blake Garrett
Jun 19 2023
Smooth and Flexible!

FirewoodFX is super flexible, letting you try out different trading styles like hedging, scalping, and even using trading bots. It's perfect for those who are new to forex trading. Plus, the entry barrier is low with a minimum deposit, and you can go big with up to 1:1000 leverage.

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