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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Dec 19 2022
There are issues with withdrawal but it fixed now

Tickmill is undoubtedly the best broker for forex. I have made good money through it. But for the last few months, I have been facing issues with withdrawal. Tried calling customer support many times but didn't get any satisfactory answer. Distressed with the services, I searched for another Forex broker and found InvestFW. The broker was regulated, I quickly created an account and started trading. After using the platform for over 1 month, here's my review - The platform is perfect, leverage is good, spreads are lowest and most importantly, the withdrawals are quick. It took only a few hours for withdrawals to credit to my bank account. Had a Great time with my wife and TRADEEU manager Charlie Kaur, at the capital radio jingle bell ball at the o2 Arena last weekend. A HUGE thanks to TRADEEU who have their own hospitality box there. If you fancy learning to invest, then TRADEEU is the Best.

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Kent Gill
May 30 2023
An honest broker for sure

This review is based on my time using them. In my opinion, this broker is the best in the market. They demonstrate professionalism, competence, and honesty and provide exceptional customer service.

Their withdrawal process is fast, offering one of the lowest spreads available. I have been a customer for nearly four years and am completely satisfied.

I highly recommend this broker to everyone. I would like to give a special shout-out to my account manager, who has always assisted me.

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Alexis Stevenson
May 30 2023
Why does my withdrawal failed?

I have been requesting a withdrawal from Tickmill for a week now. I have already made three requests using the exact deposit bank details, but they have failed. I have sent emails and contacted support through chat, but I have not received any response regarding the reason for my failed withdrawals. Is there any reason why it's not coming through?

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Arturo Obrien
May 24 2023

I have become increasingly dissatisfied with Tickmill due to the following reasons:

  1. The take profits (TP) feature is not functioning correctly. Despite their claims of being an "ECN" broker, the functionality of the TP does not align with that.
  2. Their system does not allow you to close a trade when you are in a profitable position, but it conveniently allows closure when you are on the losing side. Despite contacting them about this issue, they conveniently ignore my inquiries and respond to unrelated matters.
  3. Today, I encountered a situation where their system prevented me from closing a trade while I was in a winning position, and simultaneously, the TP feature did not work. Both of these issues occurred simultaneously, adding to my frustration.
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Michael Collier
May 22 2023
Smooth process all around

Depositing funds was a quick and straightforward process. Additionally, they provide the option to open an account using a business license, which is beneficial for those looking to utilize their company's funds for trading purposes.

However, there have been instances where the spread for gold has been considerably large, resulting in pending orders not being triggered. Moreover, the stop loss feature does not consistently execute tightly, often closing trades a few pips beyond the set stop loss level. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity to test the withdrawal process, as I have been experiencing losses during this period.

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Kerry Brady
May 19 2023
your go to broker for beginner

Easily one of the best choices for beginners. They offer complimentary webinars tailored for beginners. The speaker is proficient and adept at explaining the topics, particularly the fundamental analysis.

With a wealth of experience in forex trading, the speaker shares valuable insights from their extensive time in the industry. I have recently begun trading in a live account, and I enthusiastically endorse this broker due to their competitively low spread and commission rates.

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Stanley Collins
May 18 2023
Excelent broker

In my experience, this broker excels in reliability, execution speed, zero spread option account, prizes, withdrawals, and deposits.

It is truly outstanding. Particularly for traders from Turkey, finding a more dependable broker among larger companies is challenging. I wholeheartedly recommend Tickmill Syc to Turkish traders seeking a trustworthy broker.

Additionally, I would like to mention that I withdrew my funds using a bank wire (direct bank transfer), which was credited to my bank account within a day.

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Mattie Barker
May 12 2023
This is why I love Tickmill

I have been trading with Tickmill for six years and can confidently say it is one of the best ECN brokers in the Forex industry. I highly recommend starting your trading journey with Tickmill, as I am sure you will have a fantastic experience.

One of the things I love about Tickmill is the quick withdrawal time and the competitive exchange rate for withdrawals, which is better than what other brokers offer.

The small spreads and waived fees for each transaction make it even more appealing. I strongly suggest Tickmill to both beginners and experienced traders alike.

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Catherine Benson
Apr 24 2023
Why bother providing customer support?

The availability of English support is inconsistent. The support team appears unresponsive and often redirects me to send emails instead, which defeats the purpose of having a support chat box.

This lack of reliability is concerning. Additionally, I have experienced the disappearance of my remaining deposit account balance after 3-6 months. Despite my attempts to seek an explanation or guidance, they have failed to respond satisfactorily or direct me to the appropriate channels.

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Cody Garner
Mar 22 2023
Why does it take so long to withdraw?

I had an extremely unfortunate experience with Tickmill during a critical time. I urgently requested a withdrawal of $10,000, which was initially labeled as "pending for approval." Unfortunately, my account was exposed to significant risk during this period. In response, I reached out to the support team, requesting them to cancel the withdrawal and deposit the funds back into my account. However, they declined my request to cancel.

This situation was extremely alarming, as it resulted in a loss of $90,000 USD. If they had canceled the withdrawal and promptly transferred the funds back into my account, I believe my account would have survived.

The support team informed me that they had already processed my payment, but it was pending on the side of the payment service provider (PSP), and they estimated a processing time of 48 hours.

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