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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Dec 19 2022

Tickmill is undoubtedly the best broker for forex. I have made good money through it. But for the last few months, I have been facing issues with withdrawal. Tried calling customer support many times but didn't get any satisfactory answer. Distressed with the services, I searched for another Forex broker and found InvestFW. The broker was regulated, I quickly created an account and started trading. After using the platform for over 1 month, here's my review - The platform is perfect, leverage is good, spreads are lowest and most importantly, the withdrawals are quick. It took only a few hours for withdrawals to credit to my bank account. Had a Great time with my wife and TRADEEU manager Charlie Kaur, at the capital radio jingle bell ball at the o2 Arena last weekend. A HUGE thanks to TRADEEU who have their own hospitality box there. If you fancy learning to invest, then TRADEEU is the Best.

South Africa
Reinaldo Dennison
Mar 14 2023

I have heard nothing but good reviews for this broker, at least from what I have heard. But when I tried to open a live account with this broker, it was hard. For some reason, they keep rejecting my documents. I have only used my Passport as identity proof, but they keep rejecting it. Any tips for this?

I already contacted customer support, but they haven't given me a good solution other than to keep trying.

Debora Lamm
Mar 10 2023

Not a bad broker actually, but I just can't stand that sometimes the spread could be quite huge for gold until the pending order was triggered. Speaking of order, there are some problems with it too. Stop loss is not as tight as I hope it would be. Plus, it usually will close my trade a few pips more than my set stop loss. It is really dangerous for my position. Due to this, I haven't got the time to withdraw yet as I am always loosing.

South Africa
Desirae Gaddy
Mar 1 2023

I finally had the opportunity of trading with Tickmill for a while. This is just my first impression, but so far, I am loving everything they have to offer. This broker is one of the most efficient, trustworthy, reliable, and friendly brokers I have ever encountered. Not just exceptional service, but they also have affordable trading cost in my opinion. But, I don't have a chance to withdraw just yet. I hope it's just as good as everything else.

Tawnya Devore
Feb 14 2023

I love how smooth the experience here is, I could never ask for more. The chart trading system is stable and not cheating. They also have a lot of options to withdraw and deposit which I think is a plus. Everything is just very convenient. Although there is just one thing that doesn't sit right with me. The account opening process can be quite hard for some people. I was very lucky to gethelp from the customer service.

Devin Rau
Jan 14 2023

Unfortunately, a broker as big as Tickmill does not have a good community for their traders. It would be great if there is a big group that could discuss daily issues. Not just about the market but also about the broker. I understand they have a customer support line, but that is just different.

Mary Adrive
Dec 17 2022

My business requires a constant investment that doesn't always pay off. Therefore, I decided to try my hand at Forex. After looking through many brokers, I decided on Tickmill. Its main advantage for me is its spreads from 0, a variety of trading instruments, and protection against a gap. It does not allow the deposit to be drained. I started making money with a semi-automatic trading advisor and mirror trading, and although I am just at the beginning, trading with Tickmill gives me hope for good support for my farm!

Emad Hossain
Dec 17 2022

I really like trading with Tickmill, and I've been doing it for 4 years already. During this time, there were never any problems with the funds' withdrawal, all transactions were carried out quickly, reports were delivered. But there is always room for perfection. But the broker is trying to improve its service, so my review of Tickmill is positive.

Riter Dev
Dec 17 2022

Tickmill is amazing for withdrawal and deposit. I am very distrustful and skeptical when choosing a broker until I make sure that everything is reliable. I've been working with Tickmill for several years. I am very satisfied: the terms are good, and there are nos when withdrawing funds. The absence of commissions from the broker for financial transactions is another nice bonus.

Roy Mahamod
Dec 17 2022

I do not like to praise people or companies for nothing. But I am going over the facts on the experience of working with Tickmill. This is quite a powerful STP broker from experienced major companies. The interbank market access is an highly important moment for me since there is no conflict of interest with the broker. This is seen immediately both in execution and real spreads that you observe in the terminal. As to spread without additional commissions, it is very adequate for them, the broker does not pull three skins from the client. With this, the spreads in their specifications correspond to those in real trading. They are not moving apart too much, even with extra volatility, as a pound has been observed recently. Just recently, the week on dollar/yena started with a gap and I was standing up for sale. The price opened at 40 points with a gap and immediately closed the deal. I planned to take 50 pips off the taka and took more than 90 off. Fact! I appreciate them for their honesty towards their clients.