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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Carlos Rodrigues
Jan 19 2023

I like the unusual way that FxPro protects clients' deposits frm overloads. they use dynamic leverage.

South Africa
Ryan Harmse
Jan 13 2023

I guess that's how you provide brokerage services for the general public. Every aspect of the broker is of the highest level and very accessible for an average trader.

Francisco Flores
Jan 6 2023

I see many traders scold FxPro company for not updating its trading platform - Edge. Idk guys... This one doesn't concede hyped platforms such as MTs or cTrader. It's fast, secured and actually all required instruments are available on it. As for conditions, then yeah, probably they aren't so remarkable as for cTrader or MT4, but anyway... It's just a platform, a lot depends on your skills.

Dec 25 2022

Faster and quicker. That s my motto in the world of trading. Because speed is exceptionally important in the markets, so you need a broker who can be as fast as you wanna be in the markets. FxPro proved to be incredibly quick in order execution. Their platform is a supercar on a European autobahn.

Alonso Carrara
Dec 19 2022

I always argue with my friends that FxPro is a flawless broker. Most of them trade with the broker because... I mean, the efficiency of the broker is off the charts. They might not necessarily share my views but as they are all clients of the broker there is hardly an argument.

Miu Tong
Account Number: (54120223xxx)
Dec 10 2022

I've been looking for a broker that would fully meet my requirements for a long time.I have very strict requirements for brokerage services.And now, I am a Fxpro customer because only this broker fully meets my needs.

Account Number: (51202102xxx)
Nov 5 2022

FxPro is so nice offering several trading platforms. I have an experience working with Metatrader trading platforms, but I also would like to try a cTrader or FxPro trading platform. I think everyone can choose the one that suits.

Oct 20 2022

I like to trade with well-established brokers and fxpro is definitely classified as well-established. Although I consider this broker as one of those on top, I find the education offered by the broker to be of a quality that does not match the standards of the broker. Education is important in the success of traders. But I am not a novice trader and the training I require to keep myself on top is not usually handed out for free. For people that are just starting out, the free education offered by the broker is good enough though.

Jago Fiore
Account Number: (421222585xxx)
Oct 12 2022

I like that my broker FxPro has licenses. Of course, I don't doubt its reputation. But it seems to me that licenses make it even more solid. It's always nice to be a customer of a reliable company.

Account Number: (45212258xxx)
Sep 25 2022

What I like about Fxpro is that its trading assets are off the charts. I can literally trade different instruments every day for a couple of years.
Also the possibility to trade on weekends by trading cryptos is awesome.
However, I want fxpro to provide the opportunity to use trading robots on their custom platform. I think it will be my favorite platform then.