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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Pierre B
Sep 24 2023

I was thinking like why some venues and even themselves calling Fxpro the world's number one broker, surely they must have had something in their mind that justified this title, right?

Well, I don't know it is scientifically the best broker in the world because it is something hard to measure :) But, when you look at the big picture, it is surely one of the best brokers in the world.

first of all, everything they do and offer through their platforms is absolutely high-quality. They obviously aim to cater to a lot of traders out there, and you get a great sensation when you start taking advantage of those platforms, assets, trading conditions and the developed infrastructure.

lemme tell you, its a perfectly fine feeling to get all these trading conditions.

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Slovak Republic
Sep 5 2023

The reliability of FxPro is unparalleled. I've never experienced any downtime or glitches while trading, which is essential for my intraday strategies. Quick withdrawals and excellent customer support are added bonuses.

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United Kingdom
Archer N.
Sep 1 2023

From the months of using the broker, I am convinced that this is one of the best out there. I really like the ctrader here. 🤩

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Aug 16 2023

FxPro broker is distinguished by a pretty high quality of offered trading conditions and I'll explain why:
1) Here you can choose trading platform which suits your trading style, no need to overcome yourself and adjust to uncomfortable soft
2) Commissions are low, spreads are narrows, variety of assets is big.
3) Top-notch client support ensures customers hassle-free integration into the new environment + edu materials are attached.
These are all things I've managed to notice on this platform, but still some things are unclear to me. Like, what acc type is the most beneficial?

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Aug 6 2023

FxPro's user-friendly interface is one of the many reasons why I enjoy trading with them. It's easy to monitor market trends and make timely trades. Their low spreads are a definite advantage.

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Timm Spiess
Aug 1 2023

The dominance of fx pro in the field of trading broker is always impressive. I love the confidence of fxpro and it is making me confident as well. In general I love the feeling when I am secure and nothing can distract me from the trading.

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Roberto Fabbri
Jul 24 2023

Let me share some of the most significant characteristics for me:
- variety of high-performance trading platforms
- responsive client support team which explains all details
- possibility to algo trade

Generally, there are some more positive sides of this broker but I've just focused on something that really seems to be essential for me.
I can also mention cost-efficient pricing, diversity of account types, full-fledged educational sector and so on. Tbh, the company is acceptable enough to trade with it and receive benefits. That's something many traders seek for.

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David Berlioz
Jul 17 2023

As a beginner in the trading world, my experience with FxPro has been a mixed bag. 💼
On one hand, they offer a wealth of resources and educational materials that have been instrumental in my learning journey. However, I must admit that the platform's interface can be overwhelming for newcomers. The abundance of charts, indicators, and options can be daunting at first, and I found myself needing some time to navigate and familiarize myself with the platform. While I don't necessarily blame the company for this, it may be worth considering a more friendly interface for beginners. 📚👍

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Alexander Roberts
Jul 16 2023

FxPro offers a wide range of analysis tools, including technical analysis, news, and economic calendars

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Alfredo Dutra Maia
Jul 10 2023

I really love this company and it's a pleasure to work with them. Everything works good enough, very smooth and quick. WIthdraws is on time, no problem with funding and it is more than a trusted and reliable broker. Couple of times, when I withdraw a large amount of money, it was done during the day. I could not actually complain about the professionality of company and support. Also I am good with the amount of trading tools, but I would like to ask, How can I combine that amount of instruments to get some sort of hedging. Like combining forex with shares or with commodities. Maybe someone knows any kind of strategy?

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