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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Lorenzo Amato
Mar 15 2023

I just realized that Xtrade trading platform made me forget about MT platforms' existence=)
Very well compiled piece of software!

Dinis Carneiro
Mar 10 2023

The broker provides traders with tons of information concerning different peculiarities of trading.
I like it, the combination of these materials and cutting-edge instruments will certainly contribute to success. At least, I ain't doubt it. 

Victor Tendler
Mar 7 2023

The broker is quite specific but fortunately it doesn't make it less reliable. I'm absolutely confident with it.

Romuald Fulbert
Feb 15 2023

I have no issues with trading at Xtrade. The broker provides solid trading environment that includes a great number of instruments and a handy custom platform.
There are some lags occurring, but I'm not sure if it's because of the platform or because of market conditions.

Swen Wechsler
Feb 6 2023

What's about leverage here? What is the maximum size of additional margin I can apply to each position?

Norberg Isak
Jan 25 2023

It always has been difficult for me to find a favorable broker and trade on a single platform. That's why my funds have been scattered across many brokers.Not anymore, now that I found Xtrade. I sort of froze other accounts at various brokers and moved here completely.

There are all the assets I know how to trade here from stocks, indices, ETFs, commodities and even bonds.Everything is explained in detail and clearly, so no shortage of information or education.Trading on the tablet is definitely right down my alley. The daily news round-up is very useful too!

United Kingdom
Thomas Price
Jan 12 2023

Great place to trade futures and forex. I appreciate a handy software and a mobile application in particular. It is so comfortable to trade on the go. Especially for me, because I always run from one place to another.

Jan 10 2023

I like the customer service of this broker. They helped solve my problem within 10 minutes!

Robin Lund
Dec 25 2022

I think the word stability might be a keyword explaining the situation for me here. The broker does not have utterly innovative and modern features, but it gets done what it needs to get done, I mean my orders and trades, leaving me no room for complaining, so it is sufficient for me now.

Account Number: (124578787545xxx)
Jan 11 2022

Have you used the mobile version of Xtrade? What are your impressions?