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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Account Number: (36906xxx)
Feb 27 2023

I've been trading with LIRUNEX for over a year and I can't say enough good things about them, their fees are very competitive and their trading platform is extremely user-friendly. I also appreciate the educational resources they offer for traders of all experience levels.

Johan D.
Feb 21 2023

It's so cool that the broker provides so many platforms to traders. I am hesitating between MT4 and MT5. Looked through the comparison table and didn't find noticeable differences other than MT5 has more timeframes. Can you tell me if there are any?

Umaya N.
Feb 20 2023

My favorite broker. I personally think that very few brokers are in the same league as FxPro. As a trader, there are so many advantages to trading with such a reliable company. A few of the things that stand out to me are the multiple trading platforms, the dynamic leverage, the vps for algo trading, and also the magnificent support team.

Account Number: (36906xxx)
Feb 20 2023

Although their commission and fees are not the cheapest, I think the value they offer is worth it

Account Number: (36906xxx)
Feb 15 2023

This is helpful for coming youth generation who is unaware about this broker and to avoid scam broker...👍🏻

Mateus Uchoa
Feb 14 2023

I think the general rating of this broker should be way higher, when you think about all the services and features you are getting if you are actually using them. But I personally never had a chance to trade the risk management techniques here. Are the trailing stops working as they should be working?

Account Number: (36906xxx)
Feb 13 2023

I got an issue with my withdrawal, the broker finance quickly take my query and resolved it. Thank you to efficient finance team. 

Sten Hoek
Feb 12 2023

I am trying to find myself a first broker and this one is looking nice. I am quite a newbie, so does this broker provides any educational materials?

Welf Beck
Feb 12 2023

Comapny has a solid history and that attracts me. Only thing I would add is another trading platform, because Metatrader platform looks complicated for me. Anyway, that is just my point of view, so I guess I have to master it.

Account Number: (36906xxx)
Feb 9 2023

It's only take a few minutes to open account  and fast withdrawal. I will give three star rating.