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IG Group Buys Back's Small Exchange

May 8 2023    
IG Group successfully acquired Small Exchange from, a year after the holding company sold its 39 percent share.

IG is in the Process of Enhancing Economic Calendar Feature

Apr 11 2023    
IG is in the process of overhauling its economic calendar, providing it with upgraded and enhanced functionalities.

Martin Price Joins IG as New Director of Investor Relations

Apr 4 2023    
IG recently appointed well-experienced Martin Price to monitor the development in investment from the London office.

IG Releases Financial Figures, EUR519 Million in Revenue

Feb 8 2023    
IG reports 10% revenue gains in the six months ending in November 2022 to £519 million, while the active clients number slightly fell due to less volatile market conditions.

Ramon Kaur Announces Resignation from IG Group

Jan 19 2023    
Ramon Kaur's departure from the IG was announced in her LinkedIn post. Kaur has worked for the company since February 2017.

IG Welcomes Michael Logue Back as Head of Product and Marketing

Jan 4 2023    
IG appointed Michael Logue as Head of Product and Marketing after spending one year on the company's subsidiary, tastytrade.

IG Adds AQSE Stocks to its Offerings

Dec 28 2022    
IG clients are now able to trade all stocks listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE), a division of a leading exchange services company, Aquis Exchange PLC.

Johan Wiese Becomes Director of IG South Africa

Dec 27 2022    
IG names Johan Wiese to lead IG South Africa as Director after working with the company for 14 years since 2009.

Manuel Barbero to Take on New Role at IG Group

Dec 22 2022    
Senior marketer Manuel Barbero will take on the new role at IG as Global Head of Acquisition and Media.

IG North America Launches Technology Company Software Solutions

Dec 14 2022    
IG North America introduces new company Software Solutions LLC to build software that provides users access to all digital assets, web3, and decentralized finance.

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