Who says trading is difficult? Even as a noob, you can earn profits equivalent to professional traders through SuperForex copy service. No need to worry about strategies on your own.

Forex Copy Service from SuperForex

Have you ever heard of copy trading or social trading? Basically, both terms refer to the same thing, which is a trading method where investors can automatically replicate the trades of experienced traders.

SuperForex is one of the global brokers that offers copy trading services, known as SuperForex Copy Service or more commonly referred to as Forex Copy.

Forex Copy allows users to follow and copy the trades of experienced and successful traders. This means you can easily earn money as much as the experts without needing to have the same extensive knowledge or experience in the forex market.


Introduction to SuperForex Copy Service

SuperForex is an IFSC-regulated broker headquartered in Belize. It has been in operation since 2013, offering a range of cutting-edge services to its clients.

SuperForex provides Forex Copy for beginners or less experienced traders so they can link their accounts to those of more skilled traders, allowing them to replicate the trading activities of these experts.

This approach potentially allows them to achieve similar results without requiring an advanced understanding of trading strategies or financial markets. It's a trading method that fosters learning from experienced traders while potentially earning profits in the process.


How Forex Copy Service Works

In the Forex Copy system, there are two parties known as the Master and the Follower. The Master is the person who allows others to replicate their trades. Typically, these Masters are professional traders with a proven track record of good profits.

Meanwhile, the Follower is an individual who replicates the Master's trades. If you don't know much about market analysis and how to best take trading opportunities, you can become a Follower and copy the actions of the best traders out there.

To understand how Forex Copy works more clearly, take a look at the illustrative chart below.

How Forex Copy Works

As seen in the illustration above, let's say you have a balance of $1,000 and you copy the Master's trades. You will also receive a profit of $1000, just like the Master. In return, you need to pay a profit-sharing fee of 20% of that profit, so the calculation looks like this:

Initial balance: $1000
Profit generated from copy trading: $1000
Profit sharing: 20% x $1000 = $200
Final balance: $1000 ($1000 - $200) = $1000 $800 = $1800

In short, Forex Copy from SuperForex enables both parties to benefit mutually. As a Follower, Forex Copy helps you gain much more profit from experienced traders, allowing you to earn income equivalent to those expert traders. On the other hand, Forex Copy gives the Master an additional income through profit sharing and daily commissions paid by the Followers.


Profit Sharing Or Daily Commission?

As a Follower, you don't need to pay both profit sharing and daily commission. You can choose one option, either pay only profit sharing or only daily commission.

With profit sharing, you pay a portion of the profits you earn from each successfully copied trade from your Master. The advantage is that you only pay if you actually make a profit. As such, the amount you pay will vary depending on the performance of the Master's trading.

With daily commission, you pay a daily fee to your Master, regardless of whether you make a profit or not. The advantage is that you know exactly how much you will spend each day, allowing you to manage risk better.

There are some cases where the daily commission is more advantageous for the Follower. Take a look at the examples below.

How Forex Copy Works

In the case above, paying a daily commission of $10 for 10 days is more profitable because you only need to pay the Master $100 in total. If you choose to pay profit sharing, you would have to part with $200.

On the other hand, there are times when paying profit sharing is more beneficial. Keep in mind that the scenario below uses a 1:2 setup so the profit would be 2x higher than the Master's.

How Forex Copy Works

In summary, the choice between profit sharing and daily commission depends on the specific circumstances:

  • Profit sharing can be more profitable when you follow a Master with an aggressive trading style. As the system is set to charge commission only when they profit, you would not be required to pay anything when the Master takes a high risk and suffers consecutive losses. To increase your profitability, you could set the parameter to receive a higher rate of profit from the Master (1:2 or above).
  • On the other hand, paying a daily commission is more advantageous when your Master is a daily trader and prefers to earn consistent profits rather than catching the occasional big ones. Making sure that your Master is capable of gaining daily or regular profits is important to lessen the burden of having to pay commission every day regardless of the trading outcome.


How to Access SuperForex's Forex Copy Feature

You can easily access the SuperForex Copy Service feature through their website. Follow these steps to learn how to access it:

  1. Go to the SuperForex website and Sign In.
    How to Access Forex Copy Feature

  2. If you don't already have a trading account with SuperForex, you can create one first.

  3. On the Sign In page, enter your Account ID and Password, then click Login.
    How to Access Forex Copy Feature

  4. In the client area, locate the Forex Copy menu and select "Become a master or follower."
    How to Access Forex Copy Feature

  5. Click "Subscribe as a  follower" on the green button like this.
    How to Access Forex Copy Feature


Terms and Conditions for Forex Copy Service

There are several general conditions you need to meet when using the Forex Copy service from SuperForex:

  1. Forex Copy service is available to all clients with standard accounts. ECN accounts are not eligible for this feature.
  2. Access to the Forex Copy service is granted after clients make a minimum deposit of $10 into their standard account.
  3. Forex Copy service is compatible with all bonus programs from SuperForex, except the No Deposit and Easy Deposit bonuses.
  4. Commissions are calculated daily in case of trading activity.
  5. The commission type depends on the amount of profit and should be paid by the Follower to the Master for the copied positive deal.

Additionally, there are specific conditions that apply to Followers.


Meet These Requirements If You Apply For Followers

If you subscribe as a Follower in SuperForex copy trading, don't forget to adhere to the following clauses.

  1. One client can register an unlimited number of Follower accounts.
  2. Followers can subscribe to an unlimited number of Master accounts.
  3. Clients cannot be registered as both a Follower and a Master simultaneously.
  4. Followers do not pay both profit sharing and daily commission. They must choose either a profit sharing or daily commission.
  5. Followers do not need to pay daily commissions if the Master does not have any active deals for over 24 hours.
  6. If a Follower decides to close a copied deal with some profit themselves, even if the deal on the Master's account is still open, a profit share percentage will still be paid based on the fixed trading result.


Do's and Don'ts for Successful Copy Trading as a Follower

The copy trading system in SuperForex is indeed quite simple: you just need to follow the trades made by the Master. In essence, you rely on the Master's efforts to make a profit, and in return, you'll pay them a fee.

However, if the Master experiences losses, you may also incur losses. As long as the losses are not significant and the Master can cover them, it's not a big issue. But what if the Master goes through a series of consecutive losses?

That's why, before deciding to become a Follower in the Forex Copy service, pay attention to the following do's and don'ts of being a Follower below.

✔️Do's ❌Don'ts
  • Select an experienced and successful Master trader to follow. Look at their track record, risk management, and trading strategy.
  • Continuously educate yourself about financial markets and trading principles so you are able to act when facing losses.
  • Spread your investments across multiple Masters to reduce risk.
  • Set a clear risk limit for each trade and stick to it.
  • Keep a close eye on the performance of the Masters you follow. Unsubscribe from underperforming Masters.
  • Follow Masters without understanding their strategies or track records.
  • Not learning about trading because you rely entirely on the Master. 
  • Putting all your funds into a single Master.
  • Increasing your investment in an attempt to recover losses quickly.
  • Making impulsive decisions based on short-term market movements.

When selecting a Master to follow, you can go to the Forex Copy menu and choose the "All Masters" submenu. There, you will find all the Masters with their profit records, balances, and lots.

The Lists of Masters to Follow



Final Thoughts

SuperForex Copy Service is indeed highly advantageous for many parties, especially retail traders. For beginners, SuperForex's Forex Copy can provide an opportunity to trade directly without the need for extensive and time-consuming learning. With copy trading, novice traders can learn by doing while gaining real market experience.

For professionals, copy trading can be a means to boost their earnings significantly. The amount of profit sharing and daily commission received from Followers can be quite substantial. Not only do you make profits, but you also earn additional income. Who wouldn't want that?


SuperForex is a broker that operates on a global scale and is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Since 2013, they have been providing high-quality services encompassing trading and investment through mobile platforms, a wide range of deposit methods, educational features, Forex Copy, bonuses and contests, economic news and analysis, as well as a variety of account options.