Enhance your trading opportunities with an additional 50% extra deposit from the Superforex Welcome Bonus. This also applies to subsequent deposits.

Get Extra Deposit with Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

Established in 2013, SuperForex stands as a prominent global broker headquartered in Belize. The company is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) under license number 000160/494, ensuring a level of oversight and accountability in its operations.

Superforex also has frequently received international-level awards, with the latest being the "Best ECN Broker in Africa for 2021" awarded by the International Business Magazine.

It's no wonder that SuperForex has a plethora of achievements, as it consistently pampers its clients with robust trading facilities and a multitude of bonus offers. One of these offers is a 50% welcome bonus that can enhance capital and trading profit opportunities.


How Superforex 50% Bonus Could Boost Your Trades

Superforex Welcome Bonus

The primary objective of this bonus is to empower traders so they can trade with larger volumes, subsequently leading to the potential for increased earnings from their trading activity in Superforex.

"Bonus 50% on each deposit" means you will receive an additional capital of 50% of the total amount you deposit. So, if you deposit $100, you will receive an extra 50% on top of the $100, resulting in a total addition of $150.


  • Bonus Amount = Original Deposit × Bonus Percentage
  • Bonus Amount = $100 × 0.50
  • Bonus Amount = $50

Total Funds in Your Account:

  • Total Funds = Original Deposit Bonus Amount
  • Total Funds = $100 $50
  • Total Funds = $150

The good news is that this welcome bonus is available for all types of trading accounts that Superforex provides. It extends its benefits across a wide array of assets, including precious metals and indices. The uniqueness of this bonus lies in its full tradability, being seamlessly integrated into the margin of the trading activities.

When you opt for the welcome bonus, you also open the door to a recurring bonus on each subsequent deposit you make. Importantly, there are no constraints on the amount of profits that can be withdrawn.

Furthermore, Superforex has intentionally designed this bonus system without imposing additional requirements concerning traded lots or the duration of trading activities. This flexibility serves to enhance the trading experience for valued clients.


Where to Find the Information on the Official Broker Site?

  • This information is reported per Aug 10 2023.
  • We can not ensure if this offering is still available or remain the same in future.
  • The broker announcement page may or may not exist anymore, You may explore SuperForex homepage and try to find "Promotion" section on the menu, footer, etc, to ensure the availability and validity of this promotion.


How to Get Superforex Welcome Bonus

To make sure you don't miss out on this advantageous offer, let's delve into the steps required to secure the Superforex Welcome Bonus. These straightforward actions will set you on the path to maximizing your trading potential and capitalizing on your deposits.

Follow the following steps to claim the Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus:

  1. Access the main Superforex website and scroll through the banners until you locate the welcome bonus banner, like the one shown below. Once found, click "Take A Look."
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  2. You will be redirected to the welcome bonus promotion page. Click the "Claim Bonus" button to initiate the registration process.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  3. The screen will transition to a form as shown below. Fill in all fields with your accurate personal data.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  4. Various account types are available for selection; you are free to choose any since the welcome bonus promotion applies to all Superforex account types.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  5. Regarding currency, you have multiple options including USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, and IDR. Select according to your preference.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  6. Once all data is complete, click "Open Account."
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  7. The screen will display a successful registration notification as depicted below.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  8. Check the inbox of the email you registered with; you will find an email from Superforex containing details about your newly opened account. Use the client cabinet login and password to access your account.How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  9. Return to the aforementioned welcome bonus page and click "Sign in."
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  10. The screen will appear as shown. Enter your login and password information in the provided fields. Once done, click "Login."
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  11. If successful, your screen will resemble this. You will also notice that your balance is still at 0.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  12. Next, navigate to the bonus menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard and select "Welcome Bonus."
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  13. Scroll down and click "Get the Bonus" to activate it.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  14. Check your email for notifications. If activation is successful, you will receive an email similar to this.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  15. The subsequent step is to fund your account. Return to the Superforex website and choose "Deposit Money" from the menu.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  16. Select one of the preferred payment methods. Several options are available, such as bank wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard, and electronic payment methods as shown below.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  17. Enter the desired deposit amount and complete the payment.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

  18. Once the deposit is confirmed, the welcome bonus will automatically accumulate in your equity.
    How to Get Superforex 50% Welcome Bonus

Calculation of Revoked Bonus Funds Upon Withdrawal

Upon withdrawal, a portion of the bonus funds will be revoked. The proportion to be canceled is determined by the following equation:

C = (X/Y) x (amount of the 50% bonus on the deposit)


  • C = canceled amount
  • X = requested withdrawal amount
  • Y = current available balance in the account after deductions of the Welcome bonus and any other active bonuses, if applicable.

For instance, let's consider that you claimed the welcome bonus and made an initial deposit of $100 to activate it. The bonus value would be 50% of $100, equaling $50.

Consequently, your account balance would total $150.

Imagine that after some trades, your balance reaches $200, and you decide to withdraw $50. Applying the formula, where X = $50 and Y = $200 - $50 = $150, we find that C = (50/150) x 50 = $16.66.

This means that $16.66 of the Welcome bonus will be canceled from your account once the withdrawal is executed.


Additional Notes for Superforex Welcome Bonus

  1. The Superforex welcome bonus is a deposit bonus credited on every next deposit after receiving the bonus application. The bonus amount is fixed at the level of 50% over each deposit.
  2. All granted bonuses are cumulative and fully tradable, forming an integral part of the margin.
  3. Profits derived from the welcome bonus are calculated and attributed proportionally between the deposit and bonus portions each time a trade is concluded.
  4. Superforex welcome bonus cannot be awarded to an account that has already received or applied to other bonuses.
  5. The maximum amount of the welcome bonus that can be received is not set. In order to ensure the correct operation of the bonus and profit distribution, the company strongly recommends closing all deals before withdrawing some money.
  6. Withdrawing the entire balance may lead to the complete removal of the bonus.


SuperForex is a broker that operates on a global scale and is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Since 2013, they have been providing high-quality services encompassing trading and investment through mobile platforms, a wide range of deposit methods, educational features, Forex Copy, bonuses and contests, economic news and analysis, as well as a variety of account options.