Enjoy making easy deposits and withdrawals as well as various interesting features to enhance your trading experience in SuperForex. Find out how in this article.

One of the most vital qualities that a broker must have is the ease of deposit and withdrawal. This means, they should allow you to access your money easily, at any time. Some brokers may offer easy deposits but make a bunch of rules for withdrawals. This is an example of red flag brokers that you should avoid as it can affect your money management greatly.

Today, we'll be focusing on deposit and withdrawal in SuperForex. The broker is well-known in many countries and their service has been officially authorized by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

To ensure that all clients can make deposits and withdrawals easily, SuperForex supports quite a selection of payment methods to choose from, ranging from traditional bank transfers to practical e-wallets.

In the following table, we provide some of the most popular methods you can choose to make a deposit or withdrawal in SuperForex.

💳Payment System 💲Transfer Currencies ⏳Processing Time
Bank Wire Transfer All 2-4 business days
Credit/Debit Cards All Instant
UnionPay CNY Instant
Skrill USD, EUR Instant
Neteller USD, EUR Instant
Sticpay USD Instant
Fasapay USD, IDR Instant
Perfect Money USD, EUR Instant
AstroPay USD Instant
Cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC, DOGE, PPC, DASH, RDD, ZEC, BLK, USDT Instant
SuperForex Money USD, MYR, IDR Instant
🌐 Website
💼 Regulation
💲 Min Deposit
Year Established

Personal manager
Trading contests
Segregated accounts
Managed accounts
Free education
Wire transfer


Steps to Make a Deposit in SuperForex

It's not difficult to start funding a SuperForex account. You just need to follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new live account in SuperForex if you haven't already, then log into your Client's Cabinet.
    SuperForex Deposit 1

  2. Once you access the Cabinet, look for the Financial Operations menu on the left side of the screen and select "Deposit Money".
    SuperForex Deposit 2

  3. You will be taken to the page that contains the full list of all available payment methods in SuperForex. Select the payment method of your choice and proceed by clicking the green Deposit button beside it.
    SuperForex Deposit 3

  4. On the next page, you will see a more detailed overview of your selected payment method. Underneath it, you will be asked to enter the deposit amount.
    SuperForex Deposit 4

  5. After that, you will be redirected to the relevant webpage of your payment system. Follow the instructions on the screen and finish the transaction.


How to Withdraw from SuperForex

Withdrawing your funds from the SuperForex account is quite easy. Here are the steps.

  1. Access your Client's Cabinet, then select "Money Withdrawal" in the Financial Operations menu.
    SuperForex Withdrawal 1

  2. Make your selection, then continue by clicking the green Withdraw icon.
    SuperForex Withdrawal 2

  3. Similar to the deposit, pressing the button will lead you to a page that contains more detailed information about your selected payment method in SuperForex. Enter your withdrawal amount in the relevant field.
    SuperForex Withdrawal 3

  4. Lastly, provide additional information and click "Proceed" to complete your withdrawal request.
    SuperForex Withdrawal 4


SuperForex Deposit and Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

  • The available currencies for deposit and withdrawal are USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • SuperForex does not charge any internal fees for making deposits and withdrawals. However, we highly recommend checking out the payment system's policies for any extra costs.
  • The minimum deposit is 1 USD for all Standard account holders. This can benefit all traders, especially beginners and small traders.
  • Before making any deposit or withdrawal, make sure that you've closed all trade orders.
  • Most deposits and withdrawals in SuperForex are processed instantly, but some may take up to several business days to complete. Such variation depends on the method that you choose to make the transaction. As a rule of thumb, we suggest picking methods that support instant deposits such as e-wallets.


SuperForex Special Features and Benefits

To enhance clients' experience even more, SuperForex offers some special programs related to deposit and withdrawal that you can enjoy. These programs are completely free for SuperForex clients.


SuperForex Money Discount

uperForex Money is an exclusive feature for SuperForex partners who act as local payment agents. It offers the benefit of a 7% deposit discount simply by assisting other clients to make deposits and withdrawals.

SuperForex Money comes in the form of vouchers that are available in specific amounts, namely 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 USD. All of these vouchers come with a 7% discount, so the 100 USD voucher, for instance, would only cost 93 USD. It is also worth noting that SuperForex Money vouchers cannot lapse, so you should be able to keep and use them whenever you like. There are also no limitations when it comes to the voucher count and use.

To obtain and activate the SuperForex Money vouchers, you'll need to follow the following steps:

  1. Become a SuperForex partner and verify your Partner account.
  2. Once you complete the verification process, you may request a Special account that will allow you to help other clients make deposits and withdrawals. With this account, you can easily send funds between your Special account and the client's account.
  3. Once the broker approves your request, check your email inbox for your Special account login credentials.
  4. Now, to get the discount, top up your Special account using any of your preferred payment systems.
  5. Next, inform your personal manager that you want to buy a SuperForex Money voucher. You can buy the voucher using your deposited amount.
  6. To activate the voucher, you'll need to go to your deposit page, choose "SuperForex Money" as your deposit method, and enter the special code and the number of your voucher.
  7. You can then use the deposited money to help clients deposit their accounts.


3000% Deposit Bonus Program

In addition to low minimum deposit and diverse payment systems, SuperForex also offers an opportunity to get 3000% extra cash of up to 750 USD in total, simply by funding your account. The bonus will be credited immediately to your balance after you make a deposit. The amount is also completely withdrawable, so you can use it for trading or other purposes.

Obtaining the bonus is very easy. You only need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Client's Cabinet, then look for the "Bonuses" tab on the left side menu.
  2. Select the 3000% Easy Deposit Bonus and click "Get the Easy Deposit Bonus" at the bottom of the page.
  3. The last step is to deposit at least 1 USD into your account and receive the bonus afterward. Keep in mind that the deposit amount will determine the bonus. So, deposit more if you want to get higher deposit bonus.


Deposit Protection Program

As the name suggests, SuperForex Deposit Protection Program is a special offer whose purpose is to protect your deposits for a specific time. It allows you to insure your deposited money before opening a new order and claim it back in full amount if you end up losing more than 90% of your funds. This program is accessible to all clients with all types of trading accounts.

Moreover, the amount of your deposit determines the duration of the program. So, higher deposits will result in longer protection days. But even so, you can extend it by making a new deposit before the initial period ends.

Eligible clients can simply send an email to the Customer Support team to claim the refund. The broker will take around three business days to process the request.


SuperForex is a regulated broker that operates on a global scale. Since 2013, they have been providing high-quality services encompassing trading and investment through mobile platforms, a wide range of deposit methods, educational features, Forex Copy, bonuses and contests, economic news and analysis, as well as a variety of account options.