eToro's shares decreased and offered $60 per share. Compared to the secondary deal, it reduced almost more than 40%.

eToro company's valuation has been cut in half to $1.7 billion over the past five months. eToro shares are being offered for $60 per share in smaller secondary transactions, representing a decrease of around 35% to 40% compared to the previous secondary deal a month before.

eToro's recent share sale finalized in late July resulted in the company's valuation plummeting to $2.5 billion, only a quarter of the value it aimed for during its Wall Street IPO two years ago. As part of the sale, eToro allowed current and former employees and early investors to sell $120 million worth of shares to some of the broker's existing investors.


According to recent reports, two of the company's biggest shareholders have purchased shares in eToro, which will increase their ownership. The Israeli broker is not directly involved in the sale of the shares, nor will it issue any new shares or receive any proceeds from the transaction. A representative from eToro confirmed that all share transactions are officially recorded in the company's registry. At this time, there is no information on any additional transactions beyond the one announced in July.

"Every transaction in eToro shares is required to be registered in the company's registry. The company is not aware of any transaction that was made after the transaction we announced last month." said eToro.