Multi-asset broker eToro has offered three new data sources across all ETF pages on its platform. This makes it easier for eToro users to make the right investment decisions.


To provide investment in ETFs with more flexible access, Israel-based leading global multi-asset social broker eToro has announced three new data sources, now available on all ETF pages on its trading platform. These data points offer much valuable information and help simplify the world of ETFs.

Three new data insights appear on all ETF Statistics tabs, including expense ratios, prospectus links, and annual return graphs.

  • Financing Ratio
    It becomes the annual out-of-pocket cost of owning a mutual fund, or ETF, expressed as a percentage of the fund's assets. With this data, investors can understand how much money costs to compare various options and affect the profits. The lower the expense ratio, the higher the net profit in the long run.

  • Prospectus Link
    An ETF prospectus is a practical document provided by companies offering ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). It contains primary information that investors should know, including the ETF's strategy, risks, investment objectives, fees, and other relevant information. This statistical data must be understood carefully to make the right investment decision.

  • Annual Return Chart
    It displays the ETF's annual return history over different periods. It helps investors evaluate the fund's past performance, comparing benchmarks and similar products and detecting trends. Moreover, it can be a valuable tool for potential investors to assess ETF performance and set investment expectations.

With more than 300 ETFs on the eToro platform, eToro users can access these new insights to find suitable ETFs and make informed investment decisions. 

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