eToro partners with NewDeal Invest to launch the 'NDI-Future Tech' portfolio, offering exposure to next-gen tech companies.


The world-leading broker, eToro forex broker, has partnered with NewDeal Invest to roll out the 'NDI-Future Tech' portfolio dedicated to tech solutions. This joining of forces endeavors to deliver to investors the ability to access new technology companies and innovation breakthroughs.

The portfolio, by NewDeal Invest, was put together by focusing on over 100 listed companies that are known for their technological innovations in Nasdaq. Using quarterly analysis, approximately 40 companies were selected according to factors like long-term business models or valuation equity. Through this strategy, investors get to have a share in the companies that have robust growth prospects and cutting-edge technologies.

Dani Brinker, Head of Investment Portfolio at eToro forex broker, had a positive view of the collaboration and brought out the significance of technology in the advancement of our community. Brinker said, "The 'NDI-Future Tech' portfolio allows the investors to diversify their tech investments effectively with the convenience of a curated selection of investment options."

The NDI-Future Tech portfolio is now accessible to this Israel-based broker's investors, allowing them to expand their holdings with exposure to cutting-edge innovative tech stocks. The investor can follow the market performance of the portfolio and receive the latest news about the sector from this social investing broker.

The Founder and Fund Manager of the NewDeal Invest, Mads Christiansen, put their emphasis on the simplification of investment opportunities for investors. Christiansen indicated, "With our expertise, we are pleased to meet the global audience by providing portfolios that will help eToro's customers achieve their financial goals."

Recently, eToro has been considering public listing after the SPAC merger plans were scrapped. For further updates on eToro, keep following our forex broker news.