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Demo Account Guide

Low Deposit Forex Brokers in Singapore


Sorting out forex brokers based on their countries is easy, but what if you also need to start with small capital? For you who look for Singaporean forex brokers with low deposits, this list is specifically compiled to meet your requirements. Browse through their provided details to sharpen your observation, as choosing a good forex broker does not solely depend on its country location and low deposit.

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Additional FAQ

While the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the regulatory watchdog in forex trading, only 39 brokers are registered with the authority. Fortunately, Singapore residents can use non-MAS-regulated offshore brokers without legal restrictions. They only need to make sure that the broker allows Singapore clients and is reliable.

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Singaporean traders have the legal freedom to choose between both local and overseas forex brokers. Singapore does not restrict traders to domestic brokers, allowing them to select the forex broker that best aligns with their preferences and requirements.

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Many scam cases have occurred in Singapore. From various cases that have occurred, it can be recognized that these things are the main points in the forex trading scam schemes in Singapore:

  • Give you high promises and claim that in forex trading, there is no such thing as a "bear" market.
  • Brokers that tell you to trade in the interbank market.
  • Firms that ask you to send money quickly via the internet, by mail, cryptocurrency, or others.
  • Unclear background information about the company.

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Forex trading in Singapore is not explicitly subject to taxation. Singapore-based forex brokers do not deduct traders' gains for tax purposes. Moreover, Singapore does not impose a capital gains tax. However, individuals are required to pay taxes on their earned income, with a progressive resident tax rate.

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