Admirals Group AS has overhauled the structure of its supervisory board and management by appointing Anton Tikhomirov and Daniel Skowronski to their respective positions.


Estonia-headquartered forex broker Admirals Group AS announced changes to its supervisory board and management structure, involving Anton Tikhomirov and Daniel Skowronski.

In general, management members will focus on managing the company and determining its strategic direction, while the supervisory board is responsible for controlling tasks, evaluating and providing advice.

Based on the decision of the general meeting of shareholders, a former Supervisory Board member, Tikhomirov, returned from his position to join the management board on January 4, 2024. Likewise, with the role of Chief Revenue Officer Skowronski, he returned to serve on the management board.

Additionally, other members of the Admirals Steering Committee are Sergei Sergei Bogatenkov, Andres Ioannou, and Andrey Koks. Meanwhile, the composition of the Supervisory Board consists of Alexander Tsikhilov, Anatolii Mikhalchenko, Dmitri Lauš and Priit Rohumaa.


Professional Career of Two Admirals Executives

Tikhomirov started his career with forex broker Admirals as Regional Director for the LATAM region in 2012 for six years and was on the supervisory board in January 2016.

Meanwhile, Skowronski joined this low-spread broker in May 2023. Although he is a new employee, he has extensive experience, holding executive positions in the FX & CFD and financial services industries. He has led two brokers as CEO of Europe, Middle East and Africa at broker OANDA and CEO of Alpari operations in the UK.