Admirals has introduced the Auto-Invest feature through its mobile app as a portfolio diversification tool to allocate funds across over 3000 assets.


Admirals has proudly presented the  to prove its dedication to providing innovative tools and technologies that enhance its clients' investment opportunities. This feature integrates technology to help investors optimize their portfolios.

By integrating advanced technology, this feature can manage automatic contributions directly through Wallet or with maximum convenience and efficiency. It allows clients to take advantage of market opportunities and execute investment strategies when unable to monitor and interact with portfolios.

Furthermore, investors can choose a weekly or monthly car investment plan to meet their financial goals. The automated process embedded in this feature enables the system to efficiently execute investment orders, freeing the user from the usual manual interventions. Users can create up to 5 plans and diversify their portfolios across more than 3,000 stocks and ETFs to focus on specific assets and define investment strategies.

Auto-Invest combines innovation, ease of use, and the ability to minimize human error to revolutionize how investors interact with financial markets. Automated Investment allows investors to reach their full potential and work toward achieving their investment goals with confidence," commented Admirals Product Manager Tatjana Žbanova.

In conclusion, the Auto-Invest Feature provides Admirals users with easy-to-use tools to manage their investment strategy and portfolio diversification tools for allocating funds across different assets and rebalancing the investment process.