Admirals has released a groundbreaking Analytical Research Terminal, empowering traders with AI-driven insights for informed decisions.


Admirals forex broker has launched its new Advanced Research Terminal for MT4 and MT5 in collaboration with Acuity. This AI tool is a huge step towards providing traders with a more complete market analysis.

Analytical Research Terminal is versatile, with enhanced functions that cater to an individual's activity. There's a Corporate Calendar, Economic Calendar, and NewsIQ that combines a user-friendly platform to centralize critical news articles and datasets from renowned sources like Dow Jones.

This terminal follows the popularity and sentiment of financial assets, offering traders an excellent chance to know what the market is doing.

Roman Isakov, the Product Owner at Admirals forex broker, stressed the significance of insights that can guide you through the turbulent markets nowadays. He mentioned, "With the Analytical Research Terminal, we are trying to provide traders with the correct tools and information about current news, sentiment, and price movements for them to make informed decisions."

Andrew Lane, Acuity Trading's CEO, commended partnering with the Estonia-based broker. They share the same approach, which is innovation in trading. He said, "Admirals' AI integration by forward-looking admirals is a great example of their commitment to market revolution. By working together, we are setting up benchmarks for traders to migrate to the new modern world space with the latest market news and technological systems."

This partnership serves as an indication of this low-spread broker's aspiration for traders to have a look into the future so that they can find it convenient to make decisions.

In recent forex broker news, Admirals has introduced the Auto-Invest feature through its mobile app as a portfolio diversification tool to allocate funds across over 3000 assets.