Unlike other brokers, Fxview does not only provide MetaTrader platforms. There's also another option called ActTrader. How does it compare to MT4 and MT5?

In trading, especially in the field of forex and shares, a strong trading platform cannot be substituted with anything else. Traders need fast and reliable execution platforms since they are reacting to quick price movements which makes them prone to losses.

This brings to mind Fxview, a Multi-Regulated Award Winning Forex Broker. This broker provides three standout platforms: MetaTrader4 (MT4), MetaTrader5 (MT5), and ActTrader.

Each of these platforms has its strengths and weaknesses. Now, how do you decide which platform suits you best?

We'll break down each Fxview trading platform and then compare them. Stick around to get the answer.


Fxview MetaTrader 4

Fxview Metatrader 4

One of the best platforms for trading forex and commodities is MetaTrader 4. It goes without saying that in 2023, there will be at least forty million users of it!

Fxview MetaTrader 4 offers trading instruments from forex pairs, global indices, or commodities. But, just a head up, you can't trade stocks here.

MT4 uses the regular server time and gives you 9 time frames to pick from — ranging from monthly to 1-minute time frame. When it comes to making trades, MT4 uses something called market execution and 4 types of pending orders (buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, and sell stop).

The smallest unit for trading is 0.01 lots for both forex and commodities, and the largest is up to 100 lots. If you're into indices, it starts at 1 lot and goes up to 100 lots. Surely, mixing the cool features of MT4 with Fxview's trading conditions makes for a strong and exciting trading experience.

🌐 Website
1:30 EU 1
💼 Regulation
💲 Min Deposit
Year Established

Segregated accounts
Affiliate program
Negative balance protection


Advanced Charting Capabilities

In terms of charting capabilities, Fxview MT4 is pretty straightforward. It has an easy-to-use layout with a special section for news feeds a 24/5 stream of market news, economic developments, and company news directly into the platform interface. But, just so you know, it doesn't have an economic calendar or fancy market depth.

If you're into using expert advisors (kind of like trading robots), MT4 lets you do that. Plus, you can hedge your trades, use 30 basic indicators, and 31 other tools.

And if you're curious about the language it speaks, it's called MQL4. MT4 works on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, and Web Trader - so, pretty much anything!


Fxview MetaTrader 5

Fxview Metatrader 5

Fxview MetaTrader 5 is like the upgraded version of MetaTrader 4, but not as popular. It runs on a programming language called MQL5 and has more than 10 million people around the world using it.

With Fxview's MT5, you get a bunch of trading options - forex pairs, global indices, commodities, and stocks. Unlike MT4, it gives you 21 time frames to play with instead of just 9.

When you want to make trades, MT5 uses market execution, 6 types of pending orders, plus 2 more called stop-limit. The amount you trade is similar to MT4, starting at 0.01 lots to 100 lots for forex and commodities. For indices, it's 1 lot minimum and 100 lots maximum.

Apart from the news section, MT5 also throws in an economic calendar and market depth, making it better for keeping up with the latest. Plus, just like MT4, you can use expert advisors.

MT5 comes with 30 default indicators, more than what MT4 has, and a whopping 44 analytical objects.

Guess what? It works on everything - Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web Trader. So, you can use it on pretty much anything you've got!


Fxview ActTrader

Fxview ActTrader

Fxview ActTrader might not be as famous as Metatrader 4 and 5, but it's good at looking at charts and handling orders. It comes with 48 default indicators and can do transactions super fast.

The special things in ActTrader include visual algorithmic trading, a multi-account manager, pre-set lot choices, and ready-made stop-loss/take-profit settings for every symbol. All these things make it easy for traders to do their deals quickly and right.

What's nice about ActTrader is that its screen is easy to use, you can move around easily, and you can change how it looks. It's good for beginners, with 3 different views - Fx Voyager toolbar, Application Menu, and Skins. And if you want to look at charts, you can pop them out in separate windows.

People who use this platform really like how it looks and how fast it can do things. Fxview ActTrader lets you trade in forex, global indices, and commodities. And just like with MT4 and MT5, you can use special helpers (expert advisors/EAs) and do hedging.

It also has the same level of trading volume as MT4 and MT5.


Platform Comparison

To help you easily compare the three platforms, we've put together a table of Fxview platform comparison below. Afterward, we'll provide a detailed explanation of the important differences.





💻User Interface

Single Interface

Single Interface

3 Interfaces (Fx Voyager toolbar, Application Menu, Skins)

Trading Instruments

Forex pairs, global indices, commodities

Forex pairs, global indices, commodities, stocks

Forex pairs, global indices, commodities

🕘Time Frames





Market Execution

Market Execution

Market Execution

⏳Pending order types




🔧Default Indicators




📊Analytical Objects




Visual Algorithmic Trading


💼Multi Account Manager


🧩Detachable Windows


👨‍💻Programming Language




📰News Section




📅Economic Calendar


🔍Market Depth






🤖EA Trading





Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web Trader

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web Trader

Windows, Android, iOS, Web Trader

Minimum-Maximum Lot Size

  • Forex Pairs and Commodities: 0.01-100 Lots
  • Indices: 1-100 Lots
  • Forex Pairs and Commodities: 0.01-100 Lots
  • Indices: 1-100 Lots
  • Forex Pairs and Commodities: 0.01-100 Lots
  • Indices: 1-100 Lots


  1. User Interface: A simple interface is available on MT4 and MT5. On the other hand, ActTrader distinguishes itself by offering three interfaces. The flexibility of this variation enables users to build interfaces with their tastes that make it comfortable for traders.

  2. Trading Instruments: Standard forex pairs, global indices, and commodities are supported by all three platforms in Fxview. On the other hand, MT5 has taken the extra step of incorporating stock trading. As such, MT5 could be better for traders who want to have a bit broader diversified list of assets, especially some equities.

  3. Time Frames: MT5 has 21 time frames so there are more opportunities for analyzing market fluctuations. Meanwhile, ActTrader has only 11 time frames. It balances both the simplicity of MT4 and the complexity of MT5.

  4. Execution and Order Types: MT5 is the winner with 6 pending order types, allowing traders to execute varied strategic options.

  5. Indicators and Analytical Objects: MT5 has the largest number of default indicators (38) and analytical objects (44). Traders who depend mostly on technical analysis will find a larger selection of instruments in MT5 more helpful.

  6. Visual Algorithmic Trading and Advanced Features: In terms of visual algorithmic trading, ActTrader is the front-runner, thus providing a friendlier atmosphere for traders aiming at algorithmic methods. Other great features of the platform include; Multi Account Manager and Detachable Windows which are mainly suited for professional traders looking to manage several accounts concurrently.

  7. News Section, Economic Calendar, and Market Depth: Only MT5 provides useful tools such as the Economic Calendar and Market Depth in addition to the important New Section. Such features are likely to be invaluable for traders who base themselves on fundamental analysis in making decisions.

  8. Hedging and EA Trading: All three platforms support hedging and EA (Expert Advisor) trading, ensuring flexibility for traders implementing various strategies.

  9. Compatibility: All platforms offer broad compatibility across different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web Trader.


Fxview Trading Platform: Which One is Better?

To figure out which could be the best option in this Fxview platform guide, consider three important things:

  1. How easy it is to use,
  2. the quality of trading, and
  3. whether the platform is available.

Out of these, ActTrader is a better choice for both new and experienced traders. It has a great interface, solid trading conditions, and it's pretty quick.

The only downside to ActTrader is that not all brokers offer it, unlike MT4 and MT5 which almost every broker has. But if you're using Fxview, I suggest going for ActTrader.


Fxview is a brokerage brand with 13 years of experience and counting. They have provided technology to some of the notable listed and unlisted financial services entities across the globe, as well as catered to a few million clients in over 180 countries. The company is regulated by the CySEC and the FSCA.