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If you are trading with a multi-licenses forex broker, then you could take it easy. Your broker most likely only seeks VFSC licenses in order to smooth their international operation, while providing services in accordance with higher requirements set upon by better regulatory agencies.

There's a significantly different consideration if you are trading with a single-license forex broker (and the license in question comes from VFSC). It is possible to trade with them for some time with minimum capital, but it is not advisable to continue working with them in the long term. Do yourself a favor by moving your funds to better-regulated forex brokers.

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Some brokers offer PayPal because it is considered a trusted e-wallet company with high-quality services and many internet users are already familiar with it. Among those brokers are FxPro and eToro.

Each broker imposes different policies regarding the PayPal service. FxPro for example, would charge the clients a deposit fee of 2.7% and a processing time of at least 10 minutes, whereas for withdrawal, it is free of commission but takes at least 1 working day to process.

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The majority of forex brokers are hybrids that provide market maker, STP, and ECN conditions all at once. Even if brokers implement the STP/ECN model, their liquidity providers are still market makers.

Thus, it is not wrong to say that all forex brokers are basically "market makers". Therefore, based on this label, we cannot determine a broker's quality.

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Accordingly, there are two major reasons why many forex brokers opt for multiple licenses:

  1. To comply with regulatory frameworks in the countries where they offer trading services.
  2. To maintain market integrity and build investor confidence in the company.

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