What achievements did Exness get in 2022? In this article, we'll learn how they perform in 2022 and what they plan to achieve more in 2023.

Last year was a hustle for most investors and traders worldwide. The current state of the global economy has produced various unique situations in many parts of the world. In developed countries like the US, inflation has taken place and it's starting to get quite concerning. Europe recently faces even bigger questions following the fallout of the Russian War. As a result, the US and some other governments are trying to control the situation by setting high interest rates, which can present both risk and opportunity for foreign currency traders.

If you are planning to forex trade this year, you'll need a good broker with favorable conditions. It's definitely not the time to choose unreliable brokers just for the sake of it. You'll need to ensure that the broker has prepared good safety nets to keep the business going and improve their services for the clients. In this article, we'll be focusing on Exness' highlight performance in 2022 and their future plan for 2023. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Exness 2022 Review



Exness' 2022 Performance at a Glance

Contrary to the sticky situation that most brokers find themselves in last year, 2022 was a year of milestones for Exness. For instance, the broker reached an all-time record of $2.7 trillion worth of monthly trading volume in September 2022, making it the biggest retail market maker in the world. Not only that, but the number of active traders also increased to 360,000 in the same month.

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The choice of broker is adjusted to the needs of each trader. If you are a trader who only needs a basic platform and trading features with the best attributes, then Exness can be your best choice.

Exness covers its lack of feature variations with other advantages like low spreads starting from only 0.1 pip. This is very suitable for traders who use scalping strategies (Scalper). Spreads on major pairs in certain account types can also be as low as 0.0 pip, depending on market conditions.

Not only that, but traders can also enjoy other advantages such as automatic fund withdrawals. Exness processes the majority of client withdrawals instantly, without manual checks; however, withdrawals may be subject tos depending on the payment provider or method of choice.

The safety of traders' funds is also guaranteed as Exness is one of the European-based STP/ECN brokers. Exness's ability to become an official partner of the Real Madrid soccer team for 3 years, starting July 2017, also provides evidence that the company has high solidity.

Deposits and withdrawals may be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it is important to note that the company shall not be liable fors in processing deposits and withdrawals if suchs are caused by the payment system.

Traders do not need to worry about transaction fees when depositing and withdrawing. Exness doesn't charge any transaction fees to traders even though some charges may be incurred depending on the payment provider of choice. A variety of payment methods are provided for traders, including Wire Transfer, Bank Card, Neteller, Skrill, and many others.

The financial reports and metrics on the Exness website are audited quarterly by Deloitte, one of the four largest public accounting firms globally.

Moreover, Exness is one of the mote transparent brokers in the online trading industry. Traders can find out all information about this company on the website, such as trading volume, number of active clients, client deposits, company funds, and many more.

The platforms provided by Exness vary in MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Web, and Mobile platforms. This makes it easy for traders when trading on Exness, as they can also access Exness platforms anywhere and anytime.

Over the years, Exness has developed into a broker that attracts traders. Trader's trust is further enhanced by its compliance with financial regulations like the FCA and CySEC.

One measure of client confidence can be put on the trading volume. By December 2018, their clients' monthly trading volume reached USD348.4 billion and active traders around the world surpassed 50,342.

Through the program offered by Exness, traders also have the opportunity to earn extra income by becoming their partners. From the Introducing Broker (IB) program, partners can earn up to 33% spread commission from every new client that registers with them.

Additional income can also be obtained from Exness Partners. Traders can get a spread commission of up to 25% per transaction made by traders who register through an affiliate link.

When trading with Exness, clients can also make use of its free VPS hosting services. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) offers increased reliability and stability for traders as they can maintain their trades and expert advisors without interruption in the event of unexpected technical issues, such as internet or electricity downtime.

From the review above, it can be concluded that Exness is a favorite broker for traders because of low spreads and flexible account types. This condition is very suitable for traders with limited funds but is in need of more opportunities to get maximum profit. This broker is also well known for its maximum support on both new and existing partners.

One of Exness' biggest achievements lies in its success in expanding its global footprint, particularly in the SSA region. To begin with, the broker has acquired a license from the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya (CMA) for the first time, which gives them permission to offer their products in Kenya under a protected regulatory environment. This is undoubtedly a great step for Exness to strengthen their presence particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Meanwhile, it's also good news for Kenya-based clients as they can now sign up with the broker and access the market quickly.

In October 2022, Exness built a brand new office in Cape Town to support all their activities in South Africa as well as increase their influence in the SSA region. It's worth noting that the broker obtained a South African license back in 2021, so opening a branch office there is certainly a significant milestone to improve their services for South African traders.


First CSR Project in Seychelles

Aside from developing their business, Exness also aims to contribute to society by launching its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in Seychelles last year. The broker donated a total of 140 cork boards and whiteboards that benefited 35 classes in several schools in Seychelles, including the Pointe Larue Primary, Anse Aux Pins Primary, and Pointe Larue Secondary School.

Exness CSR Program

To ensure that the donations made were directly received by the schools, the Exness CSR team decided to visit the Pointe Larue Secondary School and see how they could help. During their visit, the principal told Exness that many of the school's blackboards were damaged and needed replacement. Thus, Exness CSR team agreed to provide new whiteboards and corkboards for the school.

Launching such a CSR program is a great opportunity for Exness to establish their presence in the country and bring a positive impact to society. Considering its success, there might be a chance that Exness would launch more CSR projects in Seychelles or other countries as well in the future.


The Most Successful Exness Program in 2022

According to Exness, the pilot loyalty program featuring Exness Dollars (EXD) was one of the most successful programs of 2022. It was aimed to increase customer lifetime value and retention by rewarding clients with Exness Dollar – Exness' exclusive virtual currency.

The program basically paid back a portion of the traders' spread and commission charges in EXD for every trade they opened. The more trades they opened, the higher the rewards. The rewards were accumulated in the client's Reward Wallets and each month, they could use the available EXD to cover up to half of the costs of their future positions.

Overall, the program has proven to get positive responses from Exness clients, so the broker decided to extend the program further. In fact, Exness is planning a full-scale launch of its loyalty program in the near future so global clients can quickly enjoy the benefits of EXD.


Other Updates

Aside from the successful loyalty program, there were also a number of new features and updates introduced in 2022. Firstly, there was the partial order closing, which allows traders to close only a part of their positions on the Exness Trading Terminal. The broker also integrated TradingView charts with the Exness Terminal and app in order to allow traders to easily perform technical trading using various drawing tools and indicators.

The highlight of the new features was the customizable portfolio display on the Exness Terminal and app. It enables traders to move fields around, categorize their open trades by instrument, and modify their stop loss and take profit with a single click. It gives traders high flexibility, allowing them to change the interface according to their trading needs.


Overcoming Problems and Challenges

Despite its success in 2022, Exness also faced several difficult challenges as a result of increasing demand and volume. Considering that the broker's average monthly trading volume surpassed $2 trillion, it was certainly not easy to retain their reliability and competitive trading conditions.

To overcome the issue, Exness took advantage of their technological expertise to maintain the quality of their products. For example, the broker implemented advanced algorithms and automation into the trading systems to ensure seamless trading experience, and introduced fast withdrawal that's able to process withdrawal requests in just a few seconds.

Server decentralization was another strategy that Exness used to handle the rising trading volume. This method significantly enhanced the efficiency of trade executions and strengthens the broker's quality. The broker claimed that they are planning to continue decentralizing their servers to keep up with the rising volume.


Exness' Future Plan for 2023

In 2023, Exness is planning to continue providing high-quality products and unique features, including mid-price stop-out, instant withdrawals, decentralization of servers, etc. The broker will also focus on developing systems to prevent abuses and ensure the client's security.

The broker stated that customer-oriented improvements will be their highest priority in 2023. This means Exness will focus on optimizing their products as well as eliminating all downsides in the offerings in order to maximize users' satisfaction. Exness will also try to use a more balanced approach, juggling ethics, reliability, innovation, and technological capabilities. They need to ensure that they offer the best possible trading experience on the market and outperform their competitors.

Not only that, but Exness is also planning to diversify their business by getting into emerging markets and establishing their presence in new countries where they never set foot. Hopefully, this will allow them to attract new clients from all around the world and strive even more.

Last but not least, Exness wants to add new crypto-related products to cater to the needs of global crypto enthusiasts. We can expect more crypto account types, payment methods, and other crypto-friendly features in 2023. After all, the broker's main goal is to provide services for all types of traders, not limiting it to certain groups of trading styles only.


The Bottom Line

Based on the review, Exness is a well-established broker with an impressive track record and various unique offerings. This includes excellent trading conditions, complete regulations, low spread and fees, and advanced technology used in their systems. The broker did particularly well in 2022, successfully reached a couple of milestones despite the difficult time in the forex industry. Once again, Exness has proven their reliability as well as commitment to give traders the best possible trading environment.

As for the year 2023, Exness seems to aim for even bigger goals as a global broker. It is planning to expand its business to new regions and attract a wider audience. Such effort is also accompanied by a number of technological breakthroughs and improvements in modern fields such as crypto trading. Therefore, we can definitely look forward to these exciting plans and see what other surprises they have in store.


Exness is a forex and CFD brokerage that serves clients to trade across multiple markets with the most stable and reliable pricing in the industry. Their features include spreads as low as 0 pips and maximum leverage of 1:unlimited.