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Demo Account Guide

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Deposit and Withdrawal Scam

I found help with my refunds

Big FRAUD - Please do NOT invest - READ review
I request whoever reading this review to please NOT to invest here. This is a big fraud.

They talk nicely before investing`
There is not withdrawal option please note this. You need take approval from these. Scam people which will never happen
If you insist for withdrawal they will advice to open a deal against the market trends and you will lose all you funds in one deal. marketpeace, net help me recover my funds from them.

a Alvira1 Nigeria Sep 29 2023

Order Execution


The coin settlement should exclusively apply to investors who purchased Triumph at a 1:1 ratio. These individuals, including myself, have suffered financial losses due to your questionable practices. It would be reasonably simple for you to restrict the coin settlement to these specific accounts. It is unfair that individuals who acquired their coins at significantly lower ratios are participating in the coin settlement lottery.

A Adrienne Hart India Jul 11 2023

Deposit and Withdrawal Trading Instruments


It's truly disheartening to see the crypto coin TriumphFX introduced, which we invested in six months ago, plummet from 80 cents to a mere 2 cents.

Compounding the issue, the company converted all our USD into this now practically worthless coin.

Consequently, countless customers find themselves trapped with hundreds of thousands of dollars stuck in this investment, unable to withdraw their funds.

Unless you wish to witness the devaluation of your dollar from one to two cents, the situation is undeniably distressing.

C Carole Ortiz Malaysia May 31 2023

Trading Accounts

it's not a safe space

One would assume that this place was a secure haven, given the impression of a safe space they created. Unfortunately, that's far from the truth. While my portfolio initially flourished, I gradually noticed funds mysteriously vanishing from my account without my consent. My attempts to draw attention to this issue proved fruitless. As time elapsed, I decided to retire and my account independently, only to be met with an alarming realization—I no longer had access to my account, leaving me utterly stunned by the ongoing situation.

E Ella French Singapore May 12 2023

Trading Instruments

Dissapointing settlement

It's extremely disappointing to witness the coin settlement being extended to investors who bought into Triumph at a ratio other than 1:1. This unfair conduct has caused individuals like myself to suffer financial losses. It wouldn't be difficult for Triumph to implement a restriction on the coin settlement, exclusively benefiting those who invested at the promised 1:1 ratio. It's disheartening to suspect that Triumph is silently favoring their family and friends by granting them exclusive access to this settlement. Unfortunately, it appears that this is indeed the case.

J Jackie Myers Switzerland May 9 2023

Deposit and Withdrawal Trading Accounts

withdrawal problem but customer service help

It's disheartening to experience 16 days since the withdrawal was approved without receiving my USDT. I've been reaching out to the support team through multiple tickets, but unfortunately, I haven't received any response in the past two weeks. It's quite frustrating not knowing what's going on. Overall, everything else seems fine, but the customer service aspect is definitely a downside. I hope Triumph takes this feedback seriously and makes improvements to its customer service in the future. If they can resolve my problem and ensure I receive my USDT, I'll be more than willing to update my rating accordingly.

G Gregory Hanson Taiwan May 1 2023


scam scam scam

E Eric Malaysia Mar 31 2023

Deposit and Withdrawal Customer Support

Problem with withdrawal

I've had a couple of smaller withdrawals in the past, and those took around 5 days to process. However, this time, I made a larger withdrawal, and it has been almost 3 weeks, but I haven't received it yet. I also submitted a support ticket, but it has been 4 days without any response. If anyone from the TFXI team is reading this, please prioritize and resolve my withdrawal issue. If my withdrawal is processed promptly, I'll gladly update my review to reflect the positive experience.

K Kyle Lynch United States Jan 12 2023

Customer Support

Customer service very helpful

The customer service support is really good! Thanks to the customer service team! Really helpful and calm during stressful situations.

Because, When the first withdrawal in this broker happened so good. But that is probably because I didn't take out too much money at the time. The second time I withdrew was 3 months later.

I tried to withdraw twice the amount of my last withdrawal. But somehow it didn't go through. My withdrawal was approved but, I didn't receive the money even after 3 business days later. So I submitted a request to customer service. They told me to wait and the customer service time solved this problem.

R Robait Ting Bangladesh Dec 20 2022

Deposit and Withdrawal Customer Support

I have trust issues, thanks to this broker

I have trust issues. Thank you TrumphFX customer support team for being so helpful during such a hard time.

The story was, that I needed to withdraw some money because of some bad things that happened to me in real life. But, as we all know, this broker was having some problems with their withdrawal. As a desperate attempt, I tried to contact customer service to help me. They really did! I received the money two days after I contacted them. Thank you so much!!

R Rasel Bin Bangladesh Dec 20 2022

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