Explore the circular economy's impact with Vantage in the latest episode of The Vantage View. Expert insights and investment opportunities await.


Forex broker Vantage (or Vantage Markets) proudly unveils the latest episode of its video series, The Vantage View, dedicated to exploring the circular economy concept.

Breaking new ground in financial education, this series delves into transformative economic trends, featuring expert insights supported by Bloomberg Media Studios.

In this episode, Dr. Seeram Ramakrishna, Professor and Director of the Centre for Nanotechnology and Sustainability at the National University of Singapore, takes center stage. Dr. Ramakrishna dissects the distinction between the linear economy, upon which the modern economy is built, and the circular economy, emphasizing the latter's societal benefits.

This Australian-based broker's video series will discuss the adoption of circular practices by financial sector companies, elucidating how such strategies diversify and mitigate risks. Dr. Ramakrishna also guides retail investors on avenues to invest in the circular economy, empowering them to make impactful choices with their investments.

Marc Despallieres, Chief Strategy & Trading Officer at forex broker Vantage, notes, "The circular economy aligns with Vantage's ESG journey, reflecting our commitment to sustainability, including support for UNHCR and the Vantage Foundation. Circular economies have the potential to reduce reliance on finite resources, hedge against supply chain risks, and create job opportunities, encouraging consumers to make sustainable choices in their daily lives."

in recent forex broker news, Vantage collaborated with Duotech on the Joy For All Initiative to create meaningful relationships with children at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home.