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Race to the top and win up to USD $20,000 expired
Demo Trading Contest, $4000 Fund expired
Demo Trading Contest, $4000 Fund expired

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TradingView has one free plan and three paid options that are renewed monthly. Here's an overview:

  1. Free plan
  2. Pro plan
  3. Pro+ plan
  4. Premium plan

You can choose between the Pro plan, Pro+ plan, or Premium plan to get exclusive benefits.

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Interest rates add value to every country's currency. Higher interest rates in relation to a currency means it offers relatively higher return compared to any other currency. This way, the higher interest rates in a country, the demand for their currency will rise too because investors will want to have them.

The opposite may happen with lower interest rates. When a country's central bank lowers interest rates, the exchange rates will undergo depreciation. For instance, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut their interest rates twice in 2013. Even further, until December of that year, the governor repeatedly mentioned the possibility of a third cut. As a result, AUD became one of the worst major in 2013, having entered a bearish trend that went on until 2014.

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Yes, it does.

The Commitment of Traders (COT) report is a document that comes out every week and tells trader how different groups of people are trading in the U.S. futures market. This report is put together by the CFTC in the U.S.

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