Enjoy guaranteed stop loss for free in easyMarkets! This feature allows you to protect your trades even during extreme market conditions.

easyMarkets' Guaranteed Stop Loss

The forex market can be really volatile at times due to various factors. Such movements can either present opportunities, but they can also cause extreme losses. Without a crystal ball to predict the future, no one is certain about which direction the market will move next. This is why risk management is crucial and it's always a good idea to use handy tools like guaranteed stop loss.

easyMarkets is one of the top brokers that offer guaranteed stop loss. While it serves the same purpose as a regular stop loss, which is to protect your trades by limiting losses, guaranteed stop loss has proven to work better than common stop loss during extremely unfavorable market conditions. The feature guarantees exit at the exact price you want so no risk of execution at unfavorable prices due to market volatility.

Most brokers typically offer this feature as a premium and charge extra fees, but in easyMarkets, guaranteed stop loss is completely free.


A Guide into easyMarkets' Guaranteed Stop Loss

easyMarkets is one of the few brokers that offer guaranteed stop loss, along with many other interesting trading features. Generally speaking, guaranteed stop loss is a type of risk management tool that belongs alongside standard stop loss and trailing stop loss. Stop loss itself is basically a common tool whose purpose is to protect your trades from getting too much loss when the market goes against you.

What makes guaranteed stop loss different is its ability to always execute your closing position at the pre-determined price, regardless of market volatility. Such ability allows guaranteed stop loss to remove any risks of slippage, which is a condition where the trade is executed at a different price. Note that slippage or market gap can happen following major economic events or during the weekends when the prices open at a significantly different level than the previous close.

However, if you use guaranteed stop loss, market gap is no longer a problem because your stop loss order will always be filled at the requested price level. As a result, you can protect your trades and get away from unfavorable markets with the smallest damage possible. This is also why guaranteed stop loss is often said to be insurance against massive losses during volatile times.

To learn more about how guaranteed stop loss works in easyMarkets, you can refer to the video tutorial below:


What Are the Benefits?

Compared to other guaranteed stop loss providers, easyMarkets offers the following benefits that you should consider:

  • Completely free of charge. Every stop loss you set is guaranteed to execute the order at the exact price you want with no additional fees.
  • Available on the broker's proprietary platforms and apps. Save your time and protect your trades from anywhere.
  • There will be no slippage. Guaranteed stop loss can protect you from slippage and market gaps during highly volatile times.
  • Perfect for all traders. Any trader can benefit from guaranteed stop loss, especially those using high leverage and those who need extra protection during extreme market conditions.
  • Reliable customer support. easyMarkets' customer support team is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. You can reach out via web form, email, and phone.


How to Get Guaranteed Stop Loss from easyMarkets

Free guaranteed stop loss is offered to all easyMarkets clients for free, but keep in mind that it's only available on the broker's proprietary platforms and apps. So, to enjoy this feature, you must trade from the following trading platforms:

  • easyMarkets Web Platform
  • easyMarkets App
  • easyMarkets TradingView Platform

Note that the guaranteed stop loss is not available on MT4 and MT5, despite them being the most well-known platforms in the market and are provided by easyMarkets. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen and installed the appropriate platform before you open a trade in easyMarkets.

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Since 2001, easyMarkets have been writing their stories in financial markets. Simple, Honest, and Transparent, become three values that are carried on easyMarkets. The company has tried to make the process of trading as simple as possible.

They rebranded from easy-forex to easyMarkets in 2016. Over the years, easyMarkets expanded their CFD offerings to include global indices, options, metals, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The company is licensed by CySEC and ASIC.

Another privilege when trading in easyMarkets is its own platform. easyMarkets platform is simple and versatile. Based on reviews from traders, it's friendly to new clients and hosts a lot of features for experienced traders. Clients also receive free guaranteed stop loss, no slippage, fixed spreads, and no funding or withdrawal fees from easyMarkets.

There are three uniques features in the platform. Firstly, dealCancellation gives traders the ability to "undo" their trade. easyMarkets is the only broker that offers a way to close trade before it reaches 60 minutes duration only with a small fee.

Furthermore, traders can enjoy the Inside Viewer. This tool gives traders a deeper understanding of market sentiment by showing them percentage of buying and selling executed in the platform. The third unique feature is Freeze Rate. traders can pause a rate and place their trade at the "frozen" rate using this tool.

easyMarkets also includes financial calendar, market news, trading charts, and trading signals as the platform's perks. They also offer the technology on the mobile interface via iOS and Android devices. Traders can access markets anywhere and at any time.

MetaTrader 4 is also provided by easyMarkets. When using this popular trading platform, traders will get negative balance protection and fixed spreads. Besides that, Vanilla Options is available in this broker.

Because of those innovations, easyMarkets is an award-winning broker, receiving Forex Broker 2019 by The Forex Expo-Dubai, Most Innovative Broker 2018 by World Finance Markets Awards, Best APAC Region Broker 2018 by ADVFN International Financial Awards, Most Transparent Broker 2017 by Forex-Awards, Best Forex Service Provider 2017 by FXWord China, and many more over the years.

Moreover, easyMarkets offers three account types, such as VIP Accounts, Premium Accounts, and Standard Accounts. All of them can be accessed by the Web/App and MT4 platform. easyMarkets provide maximum leverage at 1:200 when using easyMarkets Web/App platform, and maximum leverage of 1:400 when using MT4.

Fixed spreads start from 1.0 pips in forex trading. Traders can become easyMarkets VIP clients with some benefits, such as trading via telephone, access to the tightest fixed spreads, personal analyst, and real-time market updates via SMS.

Traders do not need to pay additional fees whethere it is for commission, account fees, or deposit withdrawal. Account currencies are available in 18 options including EUR, CAD, CZK, JPY, NZD, USD, SGD, and many more. The company offers multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds, some of them are credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and a ion of eWallets like Neteller, Skrill, and Fasapay.

For any questions or assistance, traders can contact the company directly at one of their local offices or at their headquarters in the Marshall Islands. Besides, traders can chat with their customer service by email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Live Chat.

Based on the review above, easyMarkets provides easy-to-use platforms with some unique tools and it can be accessed by traders anytime and anywhere. Besides, traders do not need to pay extra fees for trading commission and deposit/withdrawal fees. Traders who register in easyMarkets can enjoy low spreads in EUR/USD pairs from 0.9 in the MT4 platform.


How to Use Guaranteed Stop Loss

  1. Open your easyMarkets trading platform and initiate a new trade. The platform will automatically calculate the loss based on your risk tolerance. Keep in mind that the feature is not explicitly mentioned as "guaranteed stop loss", but easyMarkets ensures that the feature is capable of bringing the benefits of a guaranteed stop loss. Click "OK" once you're happy with the settings.
    Step 1

  2. If you wish to modify the stop loss, simply go to "My Open Trades" and click "Modify".
    Step 2

  3. You'll see a pop-up where you can modify your stop loss and enter a new take profit level.
    Step 3


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, easyMarkets' guaranteed stop loss is a rather useful tool to limit losses if the market goes against your favor. It can help you protect your trades better and effectively limit your losses, especially during extreme market conditions. Remember that even the most liquid markets tend to form a gap during volatile times, so it is highly crucial to use the right tool as your safety net. On top of it all, the feature is completely free for all easyMarkets clients regardless of the account type you use.


easyMarkets was founded back in 2001 when the only way to trade was through a physical trading room. Since then, the broker's purpose was to give market access to anyone that wanted it. They ended up fundamentally changing the online trading industry in several aspects with their "simply honest" basic philosophy and business model.