Nowadays, most traders choose to deposit using Bitcoin than fiat money. What are the benefits of using Bitcoin? Here, easyMarkets will discuss the pros of Bitcoin base currency in forex brokers.

The topic of cryptocurrencies has been one of the most popular topics of discussion in the market over the past few years. Bitcoin, in particular, has emerged as the most valuable digital currency, and it is traded the most often. Its reputation in the industry, coupled with its extensive user base, makes it a popular option for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. One of the most vigorous and lucrative activities available to investors is trading Bitcoins for foreign currency, particularly when paired with Forex trading.

bitcoin base currency

In this article, easyMarkets will discuss six advantages of Bitcoin as a base currency in Forex brokers.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates on a decentralized network, which means it is not controlled by any central authority such as governments or banks. Instead, the Bitcoin network is operated by a network of users worldwide who work together to validate and confirm transactions using a process known as mining. The decentralization of Bitcoin protects from the inflation and interest rates that can affect fiat currencies, which are subject to government control and regulation. This means that the value of Bitcoin is not dependent on the political and economic stability of any one country, making it a more stable and secure form of currency.

Furthermore, Bitcoin's decentralized nature means it can be used for anonymous transactions, as no central entity oversees or monitors transactions. This has made it popular among individuals and organizations that value privacy and security in their financial transactions. It also means that individuals can control their money rather than relying on banks or other financial institutions to manage their funds.



Bitcoin trading offers the potential for high leverage, meaning that traders can make significant profits with relatively small investments. This is because Bitcoin is a highly volatile currency whose value can fluctuate rapidly over short periods. Forex brokers that offer Bitcoin trading typically offer high-leverage options to their clients, which means that traders can potentially earn much more than their initial investment. For instance, in easyMarkets, you can enjoy generous leverage of up to 400:1 (location dependent). However, it's important to remember that high leverage also comes with high risk, and traders can incur significant losses if the market moves against them.


Lowest Possible Deposit Amount

One of the advantages of trading forex with Bitcoin is that it typically requires a much lower minimum deposit than trading with traditional currencies. Even traders with limited capital can enter the market and start trading. For example, easyMarkets allows traders to start with as little as $25 through its Standard account. This low barrier to entry has made forex trading with Bitcoin accessible to a wider range of people, including those who may not have had the opportunity to participate in forex trading before.

However, traders should be cautious of trading platforms that offer unusually large amounts of leverage or attractive offers with a low minimum deposit, as these may be scams or fraudulent platforms. It's important to investigate the credibility of any platform before depositing to ensure that your funds are secure.



Bitcoin trading typically involves much lower fees than traditional currencies, as no intermediary banks or financial institutions are involved. This has contributed to the popularity of Bitcoin trading, as traders can keep more of their profits and avoid paying high fees to brokers. Forex brokers that offer Bitcoin trading should also offer low-cost brokerage services to make the trading experience more affordable and accessible for their clients. In easyMarkets, you can access a well-established, regulated broker that always operates transparently.

However, traders should still do their due diligence when using a forex broker to ensure they work with a reputable and reliable platform. Some brokers may charge hidden fees or have poor customer support, making the trading experience frustrating and potentially costly. It's important to research and compares different brokers before finding the best fit for your trading needs.


Possibilities and a Sense of Safety

Bitcoin users may maintain high secrecy and anonymity when using the cryptocurrency. Regarding transaction facts and reports, the only information made public by the Bitcoin complex is the Bitcoin wallet address. An address for a Bitcoin wallet is nothing more than a string of numbers and letters; in a nutshell, a wallet address serves as the public identity of a Bitcoin wallet. The presence of a peer-to-peer network and a blockchain allows for the intricate potential of Bitcoin to be fully realized.

Bitcoin's blockchain technology is currently the most promising solution to the problem of double spending because it uses decentralized ledgers. Bitcoin is a form of decentralized currency that is controlled by a large user base. The decentralization of Bitcoin highlights how easy it is to use Bitcoin for making international transactions.


Bitcoin for International Forex

Using Bitcoin as a base currency in forex brokers offers several benefits, including the absence of international blockage. Due to its decentralized nature and the large user base controlling it, Bitcoin enables seamless international transactions without any restrictions or complications. This means forex traders from anywhere in the world can use Bitcoin to trade forex with any broker worldwide.

To give you an idea, a forex trader from India can easily use Bitcoin to trade forex through any easyMarkets accounts without any barriers. The absence of international blockage with Bitcoin makes it more convenient and straightforward for forex traders to conduct their business without worrying about restrictions.

However, it is essential to note that crypto regulatory regulations and procedures in different countries could affect the use of Bitcoin in forex trading. Despite this, the benefits of Bitcoin as a base currency in forex brokers remain significant, especially in facilitating international transactions without any international blockage.



In conclusion, Bitcoin has emerged as the most valuable and traded digital currency, making it a popular option for investors looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. Trading Bitcoin for foreign currency, especially with Forex trading, offers several advantages. These include decentralization, leverage, low deposit amounts, low brokerage fees, increased possibilities and a sense of safety, and the absence of international blockage. However, it is important to note that crypto regulatory regulations and procedures in different countries could affect the use of Bitcoin in Forex trading. 


In addition, not only is it beneficial for Bitcoin users, but easyMarkets also allows you to cancel losing trades so that your losses do not get bigger through its DealCancellation feature.