To commemorate the 78th anniversary of independence, HF Markets Indonesia is providing a prize of IDR17 million for 17 lucky Indonesian traders.

HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

HF Markets is a renowned global broker that has been serving over 4 million clients since its establishment in 2009.

This broker is regulated by CySEC, DFSA, FCA, FSA, FSC, FSCA, and the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya. Besides offering comprehensive trading facilities, HF Markets frequently provides enticing promotions.

This time, in celebration of Indonesia's 78th Independence Day, HF Markets has organized the Independence Day Promotion, which commenced on July 17th. A total of 289 million Indonesian Rupiah will be distributed among 17 lucky traders through a lucky draw.

If you are fortunate enough to win, the money will be awarded directly to your wallet, and you can either withdraw it or use it for trading in HF Markets. The requirements are simple; check out the explanation below.


Enjoy the Prize of IDR17 Million on the 78th Independence Day

As mentioned earlier, there is a total of IDR289 million that will be distributed among 17 winners by HF Markets. So, if you happen to be one of the lucky ones, you will receive a total of IDR17 million, which will be directly credited to your wallet.

HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

The method of determining the winners is through a draw. Seventeen individuals selected from the draw will be announced as the winners and will be entitled to receive a prize of IDR17 million each.

Therefore, by adding one standard round lot, you increase your chances of being selected as a winner. However, you are limited to adding up to a maximum of ten standard round lots.

By joining this promotion, you can also explore all the comprehensive and cutting-edge trading facilities offered by HF Markets. The Independence Day promo is open to anyone, including beginners who are still learning.

By the way, you can withdraw the prize or use it for trading without any additional conditions. Quite interesting, isn't it?


Where to Find the Information on the Official Broker Site?

  • This information is reported per Aug 11 2023.
  • We can not ensure if this offering is still available or remain the same in future.
  • The broker announcement page may or may not exist anymore, You may explore HF Markets homepage and try to find "Promotion" section on the menu, footer, etc, to ensure the availability and validity of this promotion.


How to Join the HF Markets Promotion

HF Markets Independence Day Promotion is held for clients from Indonesia only since it is to celebrate the 78th anniversary of Indonesia's independence on August 17th.

For you guys Indonesian traders, you can join this promotion as soon as possible. The promotion's period runs from Monday, July 17th, 2023, till Sunday, September 17th, 2023.

To be able to enter the draw as the first participation and to win the raffle, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your wallet must be approved.
  • You must deposit a minimum of $100 (one hundred USD) or the equivalent currency.
  • You must trade at least 1 standard lot on eligible trades.

During the promotion, you can earn extra participation by trading additional eligible standard round lots. For every additional 1 eligible standard round lot traded, you will be eligible for one extra participation.

An eligible trade is considered one that is opened during the promotion period, specifically on forex, gold, or silver, with all account trades calculated except for PAMM and Demo accounts.

However, any trades generated by bonuses given by HF Markets will not be included in the volume calculations. The draw to determine the winners will take place by the end of September 2023.

In order to participate in HF Markets Promotion, you must have opened an approved myHF Account. If you don't have an account with HF Markets yet, you can easily open one by following these steps:

  1. Go to the official HF Markets website and click on the "Register" menu located in the upper right corner.
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  2. You will be redirected to the registration page as shown below. Fill in your country of origin, email address, and password in the provided fields. Don't forget to check the checkbox "I have read and accepted the privacy policy." Then, click on "Register."
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  3. The screen will display a notification confirming your successful registration, as shown below. Next, verify the email you registered by clicking on "Verify Email."
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  4. Open your email inbox and look for the verification email from HFM. Click on "Verify Email" in the email.
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  5. You will be redirected back to the myHFM page to complete your personal information. Fill in all the required fields.
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  6. Don't forget to check this box and click "Continue".
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  7. Select the type of account you desire. There are 4 types of accounts to choose from Cent account, Premium account, Zero Spread account, and Pro account.
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  8. Verify your mobile phone number. You can choose between SMS or WhatsApp to receive the OTP code. Once successfully verified, you will receive a notification like the one shown below.
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  9. After approval, you can proceed to make a deposit. As per the requirements, you must deposit a minimum of $100 into your account. You can choose from various available payment methods as shown below.
    HF Markets Independence Day Promotion

  10. The next requirement is to use the deposit for trading at least 1 standard lot.

  11. Once the lot requirements are fulfilled, you have successfully entered one draw. Trade again if you wish to increase the number of draws.

  12. Done. There's nothing else you need to do. Just wait for the draw results at the end of September.


Additional Terms and Conditions

If you're interested in joining the promotion, below are the additional terms and conditions for your further reference.

  1. Each participant is eligible to win only one reward.
  2. The draw will take place by the end of September 2023.
  3. The prize winners will be announced following the completion of the promotion and will be notified through their registered telephone number or email accordingly. If a winner does not respond to the company by the end of September 2023, the award will be considered forfeited, and the company reserves the right to replace the winner.
  4. HF Markets will assess whether the participants fulfill the requirements specified under these Terms and Conditions, and if the client qualifies, the company will send the applicable award to the client.
  5. Participants acknowledge and confirm that they shall accept responsibility for any taxes that may be incurred as a result of accepting a prize.
  6. By claiming and accepting a prize, each winner agrees to allow their image and name to be used for marketing and promotional purposes on the company's website.

While hoping for good luck, you can also learn various successful forex trading tips, ensuring you understand the concepts thoroughly by using sources in your preferred language.


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