HF Markets is a well-known broker with zero-spread conditions and various attractive trading conditions. Here's how to open a trading account in HF Markets.

If you want to start trading, it's mandatory to have a trading account. Trading accounts basically work in a similar way to a bank account, except that it's provided by a forex broker. With a trading account, you can make deposits and use the money to buy or sell securities on various markets.

Typically, each forex broker offers several options of account types with different benefits. You simply have to choose the one that fits your trading style and provides all the things you need to start trading.

HF Markets account opening

In this article, we will learn how to open a new trading account in HF Markets. While the registration process is actually pretty simple, there are some requirements that you need to prepare beforehand.


Introduction to HF Markets

HF Markets is a global multi-asset broker that was established in 2010. It has headquarters in Cyprus, Mauritius, and the UAE, and is regulated by several well-known entities like the UK's FCA, CySEC Cyprus, South African FSCA, and many others. Apart from that, the broker also has other security measures such as keeping the company's operational funds segregated from clients' accounts and providing negative balance protection for all users.

HF Markets offers a wide range of tradable assets to trade, including special instruments like DMAs, which are rarely offered by other brokers. The broker supports both the famous MT4 and MT5 platforms along with its own mobile HF app. There is also a bunch of trading tools that can further boost your trades. On top of that, HF Markets does not charge fees for deposits and withdrawals as long as it reaches the minimum set amount.


HF Markets Account Opening Requirements

Opening an account in HF Markets is a fast and easy process. However, it's important to know that there are several things that you need to prepare for the account verification step.

As a regulated broker, HF Markets must comply with the Anti-Money Laundering laws and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to protect clients from any type of fraudulent activity and theft. This is why account verification is mandatory for every user who wishes to register and make a new account. Having the documents prepared beforehand can simply save your time and allow you to start trading as quickly as possible.

Essentially, there are two types of documents required to make a new HF Markets account. You'll need to provide a scanned copy of each document in PDF or JPG format. Also, note that if the document is two-sided, you'll need to upload a scanned copy of both the front and the back.


Proof of Legal Existence (PLE)

In order to prove your identity or legal existence, you'll need to provide a scanned copy of one of the following documents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Personal ID
  • Valid Driver's License


Proof of Address (POA)

In order to prove your address or residency, you'll need to upload a scanned copy of one of the following documents. Please ensure that the document is valid and not expired (no older than six months).

  • Recent Electricity Bill
  • Recent Gas Bill
  • Recent Phone Bill
  • Recent Bank Statements or Credit Card Bill
  • Valid ID Address (only available for users in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Morocco, Kuwait, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt)
  • Passport with Stamped Physical Address Page (only available for users in Russia and Egypt)


How to Open a New HF Markets Trading Account

To open a new live trading account, here are the steps that you should follow:

1. Head over to HF Markets official website, then click the green button that says "Open a Live Account" in the top right corner.

Step 1


2. Select one of the three accounts available: Individual, Joint, or Company.

Step 2


3. Enter your personal information. This includes your country of residence, first and last name, phone number, email address, and date of birth. Then, create a strong password for your account. The password must be at least 8-15 characters, including numbers and lower and uppercase letters.

Step 3

After that, read and accept the terms and conditions, then tick the box. Click "Register" to move to the next step.


4. You have completed the first step of the registration in HF Markets.

Step 4


5. Verify your email by opening your email inbox and clicking the "Activate Account" button. The link will automatically direct you back to the registration process.

Step 5


6. Complete your profile to get your HF Markets account ready. This includes your country of birth, title, address, and communication preference. Next, choose a base currency for your account – USD, EUR, GBP, NGN, or ZAR. Note that some currencies are only available in certain countries. Once you're done, click "Save & Continue".

Step 6


7. Answer several typical questions for opening an account in HF Markets, such as the purpose of the account opening, your estimated net worth, annual income, education, employment status, and sources of funds.

Step 7

Depending on your country of residence, you may be asked to provide your tax and identification number. Enter the information based on your condition. Click "Save & Continue".


8. On the next page, you'll need to answer several questions regarding the market that you're about to trade on. These are basic questions that are meant to test your trading knowledge. Click "Save & Continue" to proceed to the next step.

Step 8


9. After you completed the survey, the broker will determine what kind of client you are and they will ask you to upload your verification documents. Read the requirements first, then click "choose file" under each category to find the document on your device. Click "Upload" for finishing the process.

Step 9


10. Now your account status is pending. The only thing left to do is to wait for HF Markets to review your documents, which may take several hours to several business days to complete. In the meantime, you'll see a notice stating that your documents are still being reviewed. Unless there's a problem with your documents, your account will be verified automatically. You'll receive an email with your login credentials.

Step 10


11. Once your account is ready, you can start making your first deposit. In HF Markets, there are multiple payment methods that you can choose, namely Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Skrill, and Neteller.

Step 11


12. Choose the trading platform you prefer and install it on your device.

Step 12

Step 12.1


13. After that, you simply need to log in to your account ID and password, then immediately start your trading journey in HF Markets!

Step 13


How to Open a Demo Account in HF Markets

While waiting for your account to be verified, you can opt to open a demo account. The process is completely free, so it's a great place to start if you want to try different strategies or try the broker's service before risking your hard-earned money. Compared to a live account, opening a demo account is relatively simpler and faster. There is no account verification, so you can immediately use the account once you complete the registration.

Here are the steps that you should follow:

1. Head over to HF Markets official website. Click "My Accounts", then "Open Demo Account".

HF Markets Demo Account 1


2. Choose between an MT4 or MT5 platform, set the starting balance, and click "Open Demo Account".

HF Markets Demo Account 2


3. On the next page, you'll see your account, password, and available leverage. Use it to log in to the platform and start demo trading.

HF Markets Demo Account 3



Opening an account in HF Markets is very easy and straightforward. You simply need to follow the instructions and provide the required documents in order to enjoy all the benefits provided by the broker. As mentioned earlier, it's highly suggested to prepare all the documents you need beforehand, so the registration process won't take too long. Once your account is activated and fully verified, you can immediately deposit some funds and start making investments.


HF Markets is a global Forex and Commodities broker that facilitates both retail and institutional clients. Previously known as HotForex in the brokerage industry, HFM has positioned itself as the forex broker of choice for traders worldwide through their various account types and trading tools. Furthermore, HF Markets allow scalpers and traders use Expert Advisors unrestricted.