Not only providing easy account registration on the go, HF Markets support analytical features, customization, and account management for advanced-level trading.

HF Markets mobile app is a proprietary platform that the broker offers to provide traders with complete control over the management of their accounts on the move. The app is quite popular for copy trading which is one of its main features.  

HF Markets mobile app is regarded as one of the best mobile trading apps currently available as it provides access to multiple financial markets for trading whether it is CFDs, forex, or stocks. It does have a significant number of positive reviews as the app continues to build its reputation in the industry by consistently delivering solid performances.

HF Markets Mobile App

The app currently has millions of downloads and thousands of positive responses in app stores which have earned it a valuable spot when it comes to mobile trading apps. On the Google Playstore, HF Markets mobile app is rated 4.0/5 by 5.19k reviewers at the time of this writing. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times.


Main Features of HF Markets Mobile App

Let us now examine some of the features that are available on the HF Markets mobile app:


Advanced Charting

There are various kinds of charts such as candles, line charts, bar charts, etc. that traders can utilize to analyze the market and subsequently use the analysis to serve as a guide in their trading decisions. In addition, there are a number of attractive technical features to take advantage of.

HF Markets Mobile Chart


Trading News

The app endeavors to make the most impactful trading news available that has the likelihood of affecting prices. Also, the news is shared timely so that traders can have sufficient time to react and adjust their positions if needed.


Easy Account Management

The app contains watchlist features that allow traders to add every shortlisted financial instrument with a single tap. For traders who are just about to start trading or intend to try the trial version, HF Markets also provides a demo platform in their mobile app. If traders have multiple transactions that need to be evaluated, there's an efficient display for that purpose.

HF Markets Mobile - Account Management


Trading Calculator

The app has an in-built trading calculator which provides additional support to traders in their transactions. The trading calculator can be utilized to calculate prices, check margins, and do a host of other things that will aid the success of the trader in the market.


Educational Resources

There are educational resources and support available on HF Markets mobile app, especially for beginners. These cater to their trading needs while also helping them with any questions they might have regarding the trading process. This educational support is impressive when compared to the ones found on the mobile apps of other brokers.


Customizable Settings

To make things more convenient for users, HF Markets mobile app allows the customization of certain settings in a way that suits what the users are looking for. The settings can range from one feature to another depending on the preference of the user. 

Customizing HF Markets Mobile App

Setting up the HF Markets mobile app is quite straightforward as you only need to download it and sign in with your trading account credentials. If you do not have an account with HF Markets yet, it is possible to sign up to get a trading account You will need to have a Gmail account along with documents that will be used to verify your identity (such as passport, driver's license, etc.) and residence such as a bank statement or a utility bill.

Once the verification process is complete, you can fund the newly registered trading account and begin to trade. However, you should note that the verification might take a few hours and you might have to wait before you can start using the HF Markets mobile app for trading.


HF Markets is a global Forex and Commodities broker that facilitates both retail and institutional clients. Previously known as HotForex in the brokerage industry, HFM has positioned itself as the forex broker of choice for traders worldwide through their various account types and trading tools. Furthermore, HF Markets allow scalpers and traders use Expert Advisors unrestricted.