TriumphFX Community Trading is a simple and easy-to-use platform that can be a valuable tool for expert traders, investors, and even referrals.

TriumphFX Community Trading

TriumphFX is a forex broker that offers a variety of features to its traders, including Community Trading. This feature allows traders to connect with each other and share trading strategies.

TriumphFX Community Trading is designed to foster a collaborative environment where traders can share knowledge, insights, and trading strategies with each other. The community brings together a diverse community of traders, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, allowing them to learn from each other and improve their trading skills.

Basically, TriumphFX Community Trading is the same concept as social trading or copy trading. However, TriumphFX offers a simpler trading platform that can only be accessed from the website.

In terms of features and tools provided, TriumphFX Community Trading focuses more on functionality and ease of use. Despite its simple appearance, the TriumphFX Community Trading platform is able to facilitate the needs of both providers and investors.

In this article, we will discuss more about TriumphFX Community Trading, from features, and tools, to guidelines for becoming a provider and investor.


Main Roles in TriumphFX Community Trading

In TriumphFX Community Trading, there are three main roles: the provider, the investor, and the referral investor (IB). Here's the explanation:



A provider, also known as a signal provider or leader, is an experienced and successful trader who shares their trading strategies and allows other users to copy their trades. Providers in TriumphFX are typically traders who have demonstrated consistent profitability and have a track record of successful trades.

As a provider, they are responsible for executing trades based on their trading strategies and preferences. Their trades are then made available for investors to replicate. Providers often have their performance metrics and trading history displayed on the platform, allowing investors to assess their performance before deciding to follow them.

Providers may earn income through various means, such as fees or commissions charged to investors for accessing their signals or through profit-sharing arrangements with the platform.

TriumphFX offers a straightforward commission structure to the strategy provider. They receive a flat 10% commission from the trading profit earned by the investor who copies their strategy. For instance, if the provider generates $100 in profit for the investor, they will receive 10% of that amount, which is $10.



An investor is an individual trader who chooses to replicate the trades of a specific provider. By following a provider, they automatically copy the provider's trades into their own trading accounts. This means that whenever the provider opens or closes a trade, it will be replicated in their account with the same entry and exit points, position size, and other relevant parameters.

Investors can select one or multiple providers to follow, depending on their preferences and risk tolerance. They also have the ability to review and analyze the performance of different providers on the TriumphFX Community Trading platform. They can examine various metrics, such as historical performance, risk levels, and trading strategies, to help them make an informed decision about which providers to follow.

It's important for investors to understand that while copying trades can be convenient, it does not guarantee profits. Trading involves risks, and investors should carefully manage their risk exposure, set appropriate stop-loss levels, and consider diversification when selecting providers to follow.


Referral Investor (IB)

Referral Investor (IB) is a third party who recommends trading strategies to investors on the TriumphFX platform. If an investor accepts the recommendation and makes a profit, the IB will receive a commission.

To become a qualified IB, they must:

  • Have at least $1,000 invested in any provider on the TriumphFX platform.
  • Refer 5 direct clients, each of whom must also have at least $1,000 invested in any provider on the platform.
  • Note that you can refer clients to different providers, as long as the total value of your referrals is at least $1,000.

The commission rate that you receive as an IB will vary depending on the provider and the type of strategy you are recommending. However, the general rule is that IB will receive a commission of a minimum of 10% of the profits made by your referred clients.


Tools and Features

Similar to other copy trading platforms, TriumphFX Community Trading provides users with a range of tools and features designed to facilitate the selection of profitable trading strategies. The platform boasts a user-friendly design, making it straightforward and intuitive to navigate.

If you're interested in exploring the available tools and features, the following explanation will provide further insights.


1. Search Function

The search function allows investors to search for providers based on a variety of criteria, including trading style, experience level, risk appetite, profitability, and total balance of their handling. This makes it easy to find providers who offer strategies that are a good fit for investors' needs.

To further enhance the search experience, the platform offers additional filters that allow potential investors to refine their search. These filters include gain, balance, and name. By utilizing the gain filter, investors can identify providers with the highest levels of profitability, enabling them to focus on those who have demonstrated exceptional performance.

Moreover, the balance filter enables users to sort providers based on the magnitude of their investor balances, with larger balances generally indicating a higher level of trust among investors.

Lastly, the name filter empowers investors to conduct targeted searches by entering specific provider names, facilitating an efficient exploration of desired options.

The search function in TriumphFX Community Trading is one of the most comprehensive on the market. However, the visual interface is not as interactive as some other platforms, as it uses the classic WordPress interface.

Search Function TriumphFX Community Trading


2. Performance Page

On this page, investors can find details of the provider's performance. There are 3 panels that will be displayed in TriumphFX Community Trading:

  • Profitability Percentage: Displays a graph of the provider's profits over a period of time. Investors can customize it to get historical data according to their preferences.
  • Provider Portfolio: Displays information about the provider's balance, profit percentage, and recent trading activity.
  • Performance Summary: Presents the provider's overall trading statistics, where investors can see the total number of trades made, their profit, highest profit, biggest loss, etc.

Performance page in ThriumpFX Community Trading

TriumphFX's performance page provides complete data and is more accessible to users. When compared to other copy trading platforms, the data displayed is relatively more complete. Unfortunately, the data presentation does not use an interactive and modern interface.


3. Trading History

Trading data history is essential for investors to assess the provider's professionalism in conducting their trading activities. TriumphFX Community Trading provides investors with access to this data through the trading history panel.

The trading history panel displays the following information for each transaction made by the provider:

  • Trading volume: The number of units traded.
  • Open time: The time at which the trade was opened.
  • Close time: The time at which the trade was closed.
  • Currency pair: The currency pair that was traded.
  • Position: The type of position (long or short).
  • Profit: The profit or loss made on the trade.

Data History TriumphFX Community Trading

Investors can track this data from the first time the provider traded in TriumphFX Community Trading. This information can be used to assess the provider's trading performance, risk appetite, and trading style.

The trading history panel contains more information than most social trading platforms. The information displayed is very detailed down to the ticket ID of each transaction that has been made by the provider.


4. Risk Control

TriumphFX Community Trading offers a robust platform that empowers both traders and investors to exercise control over their desired risk levels while maximizing the efficiency of their investments. By specifying their acceptable level of losses, users can have confidence that their invested funds are under complete control and poised to capitalize on market opportunities.

Within the Community Trading platform, individuals can set personalized risk parameters that align with their investment strategies and comfort levels. This allows traders and investors to define their tolerance for potential losses, thereby ensuring a tailored approach to risk management.

This feature provides a sense of security, as individuals can operate within predefined boundaries while actively seeking out profitable opportunities.


Commissions and Profit Sharing

TriumphFX provides its clients with the freedom to choose their preferred commission structure when engaging in a community trading platform.

In the Community Trading platform, the distribution of profits from an Investor's trade is as follows:

70% of the trade's profit is retained by the Investor, 10% is allocated to the Trader as a reward, and the remaining 20% is distributed among the Investor's referral or IB.

This commission structure ensures that the majority of the trade's profit stays with the Investor, allowing them to benefit directly from their successful trades. Additionally, the Trader is rewarded for their expertise and contribution to the Investor's trading success. The Investor's referral (IB) also receives a portion of the profit, serving as an incentive for them to introduce new clients to the platform.

For example, if an investor earns a profit of $100 in one trading period, then he is obliged to pay a commission of $10 to the provider and $20 to the IB. After paying the commission, the investor is entitled to a profit of $70 in his account.


How to Join TriumphFX Community Trading

TriumphFX opens up opportunities for traders to become investors and providers on its platform. For those of you who are interested in joining TriumphFX Community Trading, you can follow the steps below.


Join as Investor

  1. Click on login at Community Trading and log in using your existing TriumphFX account credentials.
  2. On the left sidebar of your "Community Trading Dashboard", click on Become a follower.
  3. Browse and look for the providers that suit your investment styles.
  4. Make sure that your MT4 account has sufficient funds to subscribe to a provider or else your subscription will not be allowed.
  5. Click on View Details and study the performance of the provider carefully, then click on Subscribe Now button.
  6. After the subscription, the trade decisions by the provider will be copied and your account will be set to read-only. You will not be able to trade on your own.


Join as Provider

  1. Click log in at Community Trading and log in using your existing TriumphFX account credentials.
  2. On the left sidebar of your "Community Trading Dashboard" click on Become a Provider.
  3. Click on Apply as the provider.
  4. You can choose your own name which will appear on your profile.
  5. In the Key column, you need to set a minimum allocation amount for the community to subscribe, as well as a description of your trading styles, experiences, etc.
  6. Please note that the minimum allocation amount set by you must be no less than your MT4 account margin.
  7. Click on Apply button and wait for our support team to review and approve your application.



TriumphFX Community Trading is a simple and easy-to-use platform that can be a valuable tool for both expert traders and investors.

In this community trading platform, there are three primary roles with different benefits:

  • Provider: The provider offers strategies for investors to follow. They receive a 10% commission on the profits generated by investors who copy their strategies.
  • Investor: Investors provide capital to execute the strategies. They are entitled to 70% of the profits earned from the provider's trading activities using their invested capital.
  • IB (Referral Investor): The IB acts as a referral for investors, recommending them to invest in a specific provider. Qualified IBs can receive up to 20% of the total profits earned by the investors they refer.

Additionally, TriumphFX offers a variety of tools and features designed to facilitate the selection of profitable trading strategies, including a search function, performance page, trading history, and risk control.


As TriumphFX is regulated by CySEC and Vanuatu's regulatory agency, it can be said that this broker is a multi-licensed broker. What does it mean? Find out everything about it in Guide to Forex Brokers with Multiple License.