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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Alex Charlotte
Apr 6 2023

If you have a problem pulling out funds from your Triumpfx send out a message to HELPBACKEXPERTS on Instagram for help i very nearly lost everything until they saved me

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Mar 31 2023


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Jul 11 2022

How long it takes for withdraw USDT TRC20 to credit to your wallet?

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Oct 21 2021

Triumphfx pyramid scheme will be burst one day. It's a trap to get more investors to put more money in. For sure the ending will something happen like JJPTR and MBI later. Now, I can feel that my surroundings getting so many people talking about Triumphfx and how the pyramid scheme work (Profit sharing & Bonus). It's time to RUN.  

Please check this link: Triumphfx has been listed in SC investor alert list since Oct 2020. 

Invest wisely, guys. Don't be greedy. Good luck guys!

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Aug 11 2021

I've been using TFXI - not to be confused with TriumphFX (Cyprus) as they are both separate business entities - for a few months and got decent returns of about 7-9% per 5-week cycles.

Customer support (as many have a complaint) is almost non-existent. Replies from customer support come in after 2 weeks of chasing, if lucky.

Withdrawal is pretty decent, within 3-5 working days. Strangely, I had bank transfers sent by the Thai company mentioned below that are locally based, and cash deposit directly to my bank account. Interestingly, the deposits made were all rounded down to the nearest hundred. When asked about this to the customer support, they informed that it was within the transfer fee - though since when had forex operated with round numbers? (:

License-wise, their Vanuatu license got revoked in May 2021. They have claimed in March 2021 that they would be pursuing to obtain another license from Seychelles FSA, but no news till now. So I believe they are currently running unregulated and illegally (need more confirmation).

Do not confuse TriumphFX (Cyprus) Ltd. ( with Triumph Int. Ltd. ( and Although they both carry the same brand but I highly doubt that their license is shareable between the different entities. In their presentations, they like to flash out the CySEC license and Seychelles FSA logo which is both very very misleading to future prospectors and borderline scamming to me.

The registered license with CySEC only validates and NOT or

Vanuatu license

CySEC license 

Also interestingly, the domains and were not registered with full transparency. Do compare them: and

I had withdrawn all of my money since I had noticed their license was revoked as in my eyes it had changed from high risk to super high-risk investment.

I wouldn't say that they're all bad since I did profit for the few months I was with them. However, everyone here should know that investments come with a risk. Know your own risk appetite and act accordingly.

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Ling Ling Chong
Jun 16 2021

Pls, read the other reviews on TFXI. As I said I had invested in TFXI starting with GM1 since 2015.  In those earlier years, the service and withdrawal were within 10-14 days. But lately has many inconsistencies and they charge high fees. My existing ( newly invested other PAMM FOREX does not charge any withdrawal fees and another one charges only a minimum of 2-4%. Whereas my recent YURI withdrawal was transferred via THAITANAWAT SONG PT LTD and then CREDITED into my Standard Chartered ( can see the name of Transferor in the Bank Statement, ok ) via a third party namely GF Multi-Store Snd Bhd 

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Alex KK
Account Number: (7143xxx)
Jun 11 2021

I have been regularly withdrawing from TriumphFX and coincidentally, I just received a USD10,000 withdrawal to my Singapore DBS account today. Please see the attached screenshots as proof. I initiated the transfer at night on 3 June 2021 and received the funds on 11 June 2021. The remittance provider used is a company called Thaithanawat Song Pte Ltd and it is regulated under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Sometimes, information may be incorrectly keyed in upon withdrawal, such as the SWIFT code, currency, or other banking details, causing the funds to be rejected. I hope anyone facing problems can resolve them swiftly as I have full confidence in the TriumphFX system.

FYI, I have invested in the managed funds of Nikolay Divinsky, AMG Capital, EOB Infinity, and Oilix.

For those who reference WikiFX, please also search for Public Bank and Bursa Malaysia, which should show you that WikiFX itself is a scam!

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Ling Ling Chong
Account Number: (2453xxx)
May 29 2021

I have a problem with Withdrawal with TFXI under my YURI PAMM Account No 832988 and NIKOLAY PAMM Acc  833088

I requested to withdraw on 10th May. Received an email that my USD 2564 (ie My USD 2000 plus USD 564 profits from both YURI and NIKOLAY ) was approved on MAY 12th.

BUT, up to now, I had not received any reply from my 2 SUPPORT TICKETS to the complaint and also NO MONEY transferred to my Bank Acc.

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Chong Ling Ling
Account Number: (2453xxx)
May 29 2021

I just want to HIGHLIGHT a WARNING  to everyone to please stay away from TRIUMPH FX !! I have an ACC with them since 2016 under GM Trader. To be fair, I enjoyed an average return of 3-4% per month from PAMM profit and thus had gotten back my capital and profits after 4years.

So since I have had a good experience,  naturally I trusted TFXI and started to FUND in Its other platform ie USD 2000 in YURI ( PAMM 832988) and USD 1000 in NIKOLAY ( PAMM 833088 ) in Feb 2021. 
But after being introduced to other more legitimate Forex whose MT4 Acc is more transparent where the investors ( my friends whose investment is more than USD 10,000 ) managed to WITHDRAW their money daily and easily ie NO need detach, no need pull or push from MT4, and very low Admin Fee  or Bank charges consistently, I decided to SWITCH and REQUEST WITHDRAWAL from TFXI

My Request for Withdrawal was approved by 12th MAY ( after enjoying total profits of USD 500 from both PAMM accounts as per pictured I sent here.   BUT, up to now ie after more than 14 days ( as stated by them 7 to 14 working days) I still have NOT received my money and NO REPLY to my Support tickets which I complain about and sent twice!!  ;( 


For the record, the same MIB ( Master Introducer Broker ) had SCAMMED our money in MSP Trader  where I invested USD 2000; with the excuses that their Acc was hacked back in 2017 

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Ollie Barker
Jul 11 2023

I have a strong affinity for the fund management program and broker. I've been engaged in investing for a year now, and I must say, the consistent distribution of profit sharing by week 5 is truly impressive.

However, I believe there are a few areas that could benefit from some enhancements, as many others have suggested. Increasing the availability of support resources to address customer requests and optimizing system performance would greatly improve the overall experience.

It's worth mentioning that I've noticed a significant improvement in the registration approval process, which deserves commendation. Kudos to the team for their efforts!

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