Tickmill collaborates with Capitalise.ai, an AI-based trading platform, and analytics solutions to support traders in advanced analysis and trading automation.


Tickmill forex broker is known to have excellent trading conditions on most of its assets. To expand its offering and automate the monitoring of market behavior, this low-spread broker signed a partnership with Capitalise.ai, a provider of AI-based trading and analytics solutions.

With English language AI text, traders can build trading strategies in simple English without programming complexity. This democratization can strengthen the skills of both novice and experienced traders towards advanced analysis and automation of trading scenarios that increase efficiency and profitability.

Capitalise.ai CEO Amir Shiovich commented, "We are thrilled to partner with Tickmill to provide innovative marketing technology to customers. This partnership is consistent with our mission to inform advanced research and automation of commerce solutions, giving worldwide traders seamless access to the latest technology."

Thanks to this innovative integration, traders can enjoy advanced backtesting features, trading automation, modern alerts, and a library of marketing strategies, which will be available on its professional platform. Tickmill forex broker also highlights the extensive benefits of this partnership in providing advanced marketing tools for traders.

Additionally, Tickmill Executive Director Sudhanshu Agarwal emphasized its commitment to providing traders with innovative tools and technology, including AI solutions. It aims to offer a smooth and better trading experience through AI technology and automation.

In other forex broker news, Tickmill partners with Lloyd's to offer insurance policies of up to $1,000,000 in the event of unforeseen events.