Swissquote presents two daily banking packages, Bright and Light, to allow customers to access digital banking services.

To meet growing market demand, Swissquote has expanded its offering into digital banking by launching two daily banking packages, Bright and Light. It highlights the wide range of payment options supported by banking packages and cashback offers.

According to the official website, both packages include comprehensive daily banking services with multi-currency debit cards and crypto via Mastercard. To access the Bright plan, users must pay a monthly fee of CHF 6.9 after the first six months of free service. Meanwhile, the Light Package only offers a virtual debit card with a free option but allows customers to access all digital banking services.

Swissquote Sales and Marketing Director Jan de Schepper commented, "The new banking and debit card combines the most requested payment features with our innovative trade credit cashback program. Payments are as secure as ever, but can be made anytime, anywhere, without a physical wallet."


In addition, the Bright Package provides free transactions in 13 currencies and 5 ATM withdrawals at no charge per month. Moreover, the Mastercard debit card has access to payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, with Swissquote planning to add more cryptocurrencies.

After a transaction, Swissquote digital banking users will receive customer credit to transact at lower fees. Transaction credits vary by account level. 0.5 per cent for regular card payments and 1 per cent for Bright payments. Meanwhile, Light users receive 0.25% on regular card payments and 0.5% on cryptocurrency payments.