Swissquote has received a CySEC license, allowing it to offer trading services in Europe and any country under the European Economic Area (EEA).

Swiss-based forex and CFD broker Swissquote has obtained a new operating license from the financial market regulator in Cyprus, the Cypriot Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


Muamar Behnam, Head of Sales at Swissquote, said that the license was granted to a subsidiary of Swissquote Capital Markets Ltd (CY). Operations under the new entity will start next year, although there is no exact date. Behnam wrote in a Linkedin post:

Very happy to share this new milestone in Swissquote's young history. We received our license from CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and are ready to start operations in the New Year. Swissquote Capital Markets will be the name of this new entity of the Group.

Many thanks to all those who worked hard to make this happen, the team here in Limassol - Elif Kundakci, Zoltan Nemeth, Alexandros Panagi, Fini Ioannou, Ioana Polykarpou, Daniella Karam who is the cornerstone of any project I have done at Swissquote, our four Non-Executive Directors, John Georgoulas, Sophocles Parapanos, Marc Burki, Jan de Schepper, and the 50+ Swissquote collaborators, from Staff to Directors, at our Headquarters in Gland who helped, supported and sweated a lot to get us over the line.

Looking forward to 2023 now!!!

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With this Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) license, the banking-licensed broker can expand its operations in Europe and offer trading services to member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). To prepare for the launch of its operations in Cyprus, Swissquote has built a team based in Limassol. Moreover, Zoltan Nemeth was added as the Chief Operating Officer of Cyprus.