Swissquote has selected AI-based software, NetGuardians, to strengthen the protection of banks and digital application 'Yuh' and detect fraud.

Swiss banking group specializing in financial services and online commerce, Swissquote (SWX: SQN), has signed a deal with NetGuardians Software specifically designed to help financial platforms and services detect and prevent fraud and comply with AML requirements.

NetGuardians offers ready-to-use, predefined AI risk models to analyze the transactions of all transactions at the bank and in the digital finance application Yuh, a joint venture between Swissquote and Swiss bank PostFinance.

As APP fraud multiplies worldwide in 2026 and grows into a $5.25 billion industry, banks increasingly need AI-based anti-fraud infrastructure to combat fraudsters.


The NetGuardians platform is a leading Swiss FinTech leveraging 3D artificial intelligence (3D AI) technology known for its innovative solutions to keep operational risks under control. Using intelligent behavior analysis methods, NetGuardians have designed technology that quickly identifies an atypical activity, effectively controls data leaks, and alerts potential internal fraud.

This software helps Swissquote strengthen bank protection to detect fraud such as Authorized Push Payment (APP) and other types of payment fraud. Additionally, Swissquote can comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulatory requirements by reporting suspicious activity, preventing early-stage money laundering attempts, and detecting the opening of money laundering accounts.

Swissquote COO Lino Finini commented, "NetGuardians offers one of the best financial crime solutions on the market to identify and stop fraudsters and money launderers. It means that customers can confidently bank with Swissquote."