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Demo Account Guide

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Swissquote Launches Lending Program, Providing Passive Income for Clients

Feb 21 2024    
Swissquote launches the Securities Lending Program, offering clients passive income from existing securities. Earn up to 5% net return annually.

Swissquote Appoints New COO Following the Retirement of Lino Finini

Oct 19 2023    
Swissquote appointed Nestor Verrier to take over Lino Finini, who will retire at the end of 2023 as the new Chief Operating Officer.

Swissquote Advancing into Digital Banking Business

Oct 18 2023    
Swissquote presents two daily banking packages, Bright and Light, to allow customers to access digital banking services.

Swissquote Releases Investment Saving Product, Invest Easy Solution

Jul 31 2023    
Swissquote introduced a new investment and savings product, the well-known Invest Easy, to make it easier for users to benefit from long-term investments.

Swissquote Releases NetGuardians to Fight Financial Fraud

May 29 2023    
Swissquote has selected AI-based software, NetGuardians, to strengthen the protection of banks and digital application 'Yuh' and detect fraud.

Swissquote Returns Interest on Trading Account

May 17 2023    
Swissquote is returning interest to trading accounts up to 0.50% starting May 1, 2023. This attractive offer returns a sense of normalcy to the market after a long period without interest rates.

Swissquote Release New Tokens on its Crypto Exchange

Apr 11 2023    
Swissquote expanded its list of new tokens on the crypto exchange SQX with the release of Gala, an NFT crypto asset on Gala Games.

Crypto Finance AG Introduced as Swissquote's New Liquidity Provider

Feb 15 2023    
Crypto Finance Group, Switzerland's leading global digital asset investment and solution service, announced its partnership with SQX, a crypto exchange from Swissquote.

Swissquote Warns Clients of Phishing Attacks

Jan 16 2023    
Swissquote, through their social media, announced that they would take action by removing fraudulent domains that could potentially carry out phishing.

Swissquote Applied for CySEC License to Boost European Operations

Dec 27 2022    
Swissquote has received a CySEC license, allowing it to offer trading services in Europe and any country under the European Economic Area (EEA).

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