In early August, FBS introduced a new commission payment system to ensure FBS IB partners receive higher and transparent commissions of up to 43%.

Following its commitment to flexibility in providing passive income solutions, FBS has restructured its Introducing Broker (IB) program by launching a faster and more transparent commission payment system in early August. With this new system, this multi-asset broker has removed the 59-point rule, limited IB earnings, and the fixed fee per lot associated with the instrument and account type.


From now on, FBS partners will receive commission payments as a percentage of the spread for each order, without imposing excessive requirements, such as the number of clients or the number of lots traded. Moreover, this Cyprus-based broker offers a 6-level structure to determine the percentage of commissions received by partners. The higher the level, the higher the rate. It allows commission rates to reach up to 43% of the spread.

"The new system is to give our partners the freedom to accept rewards and pursue growth strategies that suit their preferences. FBS partners can earn a maximum commission of up to 43% on the spread regardless of the difference in trading prices of their clients," commented FBS Chief Commercial Officer Dmitry Pasechnik.

In addition, this CySEC licensed broker also maintains its commitment to support a smooth transition to the new system over the next three months, increasing the deployment rate for each partner. This move aims to help FBS partners adapt their strategies to dynamic market conditions and stay focused on growth and success.