Exness trading volume rose significantly in August to $4.5 trillion and recorded 625,626 active clients within the same month.

In August, broker trading volumes surged again due to economic uncertainty triggered by very high inflation and central bank policies that encouraged investors to re-enter the market. Exness also felt the impact, with a 15% increase in monthly trading volume compared to July, reaching $4.5 trillion, the highest figure in the company's history.

Not only did the multi-asset broker record an increase in trading volume, but it also achieved its highest number of active clients, totaling 625,626, a 73% increase from the same month the previous year when it was at 360,785. Compared to July, the number of active clients saw a 9.5% increase from 571,348.


Exness CCO Damian Bunce said, "It has been an exceptional month for us with growth records coming from almost all our regions including both new and established markets. This is a sure sign of increased growth across the entire industry. Our volume growth in assets was largely a commodities story, which follows the macro themes underway in global markets. We had record volumes in both energies and precious metals but also, for the first time, record volumes in FX minors. Our crypto volumes were healthy but not breaking any records, with stocks and indices following regular trends."

This is not the first time Exness has broken records. The broker has consistently shattered trading volume records for over two years, surpassing the $1 trillion, $2 trillion, and $3 trillion marks. In 2023, Exness average trading volume exceeded $3 trillion. The company attributes its success to its global expansion and the trust it has built among its clients worldwide.