Demo Account Guide Demo Account Guide


  • All Exness clients worldwide can join, except clients from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.

  • Here are some benefits that you can exclusively receive through the Exness Premier Program:

    1. Priority customer support
    2. Access to exclusive educational materials
    3. Enhanced trading analytics
    4. Special promotions and rewards
    5. Dedicated account manager
    6. Face-to-face meeting with dedicated account manager
    7. Access to C-suite executive
    8. Annual premiere Gala Event attending

  • In order to see your progress towards Exness Premier, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Your Personal Area must have been created at least 30 days ago.
    • The total amount of your lifetime deposit must exceed 15,000 USD.
    • The total amount of your lifetime trading volume must exceed 40 million USD.

  • To simplify the process, follow the steps in this order:

    1. Open the Reward Wallet which can be found in the Personal Area under the Settings tab.
    2. Find the amount of accumulated EXD under the AVAILABLE REWARD.
    3. Go to TRADING ALLOCATION and choose the trading account on which the EXD will be used.
    4. From then on, all trading costs will be cut in half relative to the amount of EXD available.

    The Exness Dollar Rewards are also about rewarding loyalty.

    When traders trade for three consecutive months, they are rewarded with extra Exness Dollars known as the activity reward. The more EXD traders earn via trading, the greater the activity reward.

  • Traders do not need to do anything special to gain access to it as they only need to trade. There are no targets or minimum requirements that need to be met to get Exness Dollar Rewards.

    The rewards are guaranteed on every order initiated by the trader and every Exness Dollar Rewards earned by traders is theirs to keep without the fear of hidden penalties, cuts, or commissions.

  • Preferred:

    • To maintain the Premier Preferred tier, you need to maintain a quarterly trading volume of 50 million USD.

    • To upgrade to the Premier Elite tier, the total lifetime value of your deposits must reach 50,000 USD, and your quarterly trading volume must be at least 100 million USD.


    • To maintain the Premier Elite tier, you need to maintain a quarterly trading volume of 100 million USD.
    • To upgrade to the Premier Signature tier, the total lifetime value of your deposits must reach 100,000 USD, and your quarterly trading volume must be at least 200 million USD.


    • To maintain the Premier Signature tier, you need to maintain your quarterly trading volume at 200 million USD.

  • The qualification process depends on the following two criteria:

    • The lifetime amount of the client's deposit starting from the day of <span class="exness-home">registration of their Personal Area</span>.
    • The total sum of the client's trading volume for the previous calendar quarter.

    Please note that only external deposits, social trading deposits, and trading volume of open and closed orders qualify are to be calculated in the lifetime deposit criteria.

    Meanwhile, internal deposits and trading volume from Portfolio Managers and Investors will not be included in the calculation.

    Refer to the table below for the full qualifications of each tier.

    Parameters Preferred Elite Signature
    Total Lifetime Deposits 20,000 USD 50,000 USD 100,000 USD
    Trading Volume of the Previous Quarter 50 million USD 100 million USD 200 million USD

  • One Exness dollar is equal to 1 US Dollar.

    So, if a trader initiates an order that has an equivalent of 20 USD in spread and commission charges, the trader will only be paying 10 USD while EXD will cover the remaining 10 USD.

    This means that the more orders traders open, the more they get to save on trading costs.

  • The term "tier" refers to the different levels within the Exness Premier program. There are three tiers in total: preferred, elite, and signature. These tiers represent different levels of benefits or privileges that traders can enjoy within the program.

    Each tier comes with a different set of benefits that you can enjoy. Naturally, higher tiers will get all the privileges plus some extra benefits.

  • You can check your premier membership status in the Profile menu of the <span class="exness-download mt4">Exness Trade app</span> and the Exness Premier tab within the Settings area of your Exness Personal Area.

    Your Exness Premier status is also visible in the Social Trading app.

    Exness Premier Level Program

    Exness Premier Level Program

    If you don't see your Exness Premier status in the Profile menu or lack the Exness Premier tab in the Settings area, it means you haven't met the minimum requirements to become a potential Premier member.