Achieving success depends on many factors. Your skills, knowledge and experience play a vital role, however, sometimes the tools available at your disposal are essential as well.

Achieving success depends on many factors. Your skills, knowledge and experience play a vital role, however, sometimes the tools available at your disposal are essential as well. Think of it, if you are a participating in a race, your driving skills play a very important role. If you don't know how to make turns, you are risking to crash quickly. However, when you have two racers with nearly equal skills competing against each other, the quality of the car makes a great difference.

Same is applicable to the FX trading. You can have a great analytical mindset, but if your platform is slow or lacks features, you will not be able to fully open up your potential. This is why we have prepared this article. By reading it you will understand the most essential pieces of the FX trading software that you should try out this year. Let's dive in.


Essential Forex Tools

Just as a foreword, we are not going to examine each of the tools in a very detail. Instead of this a brief description of the tool is supplied together with the benefits it offers. The best way to see if this software can be handy is by actually trying it out.



All of us have heard about trading patterns. If you are not aware of it, you are certainly missing out a lot in terms of your analysis. The charts are usually moving in various, defined, forms and these patterns tend to repeat themselves. It does take quite some practice to actually be able to identify the patterns before they occur. This is where Autochartist comes handy. It uses sophisticated algorithms to scout the pattern and inform you when one is about to take place.


It is a great tools, especially for the beginners in trading. Instead of learning patterns the hard way, you can just rely on the software and let it guide you.


Forex Trading Calculator

Assessing your risks and returns is always handy. This is especially true if you are able to perform a proper analysis before you enter a position. However, sometimes you just don't have time to calculate everything, because you do need to enter that trade right now. This is where a Forex trading calculator gets useful. The only thing you need to do is to manually enter the opening and the closing prices on a certain instrument, the rest is done on the calculator's end.

By entering a few figures you will be able to know all of the details. The spread, the commission, swaps and so on. Most importantly, a potential loss or profit will be revealed as well.


Macroeconomic Calendar

Even if your trading is not based on the fundamental analysis, keeping up with the releases of the economic news is vital for any type of the trader. The reason for this is simple. You can have your indicators showing a confident buying signal, yet if this happens during Non-Farm Payroll or any other event of a great importance, things may certainly go astray.

This is why every trader has to keep an eye on the scheduled news releases and either consider them in his trading strategy or simply avoid trading on the given days.



All of the listed tools are certainly great for enhancing your trading strategy and simply learning more about the market. The best news are that they can be combined with any Forex trading platform, as they are available in your browser. Next to this. It has to be said that Autochartist comes with a handy plugin for MT4, so if you use this platform, you can simply achieve more.


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